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DLakes new EP “Bmore of a Hipster v2.0” (out on Unruly) has been out for a while now but I still haven’t heard anyone play “White Pants” in Sweden. I totally love that track, it makes my face light up and my feet move. Do I really need to buy a pair of white pants… probably now.

Actually the whole EP is filled with party baltimore bangers and you should buy it at TTL or Itunes or wherever today. DJs with self respect play 320 mp3s only but you all know that.

Also, if you get the chance check out Claire Huxtable that’s a 100% live show with DLakes music. They are frequently touring the states and are looking for gigs overseas. So hopefully I get to dance to the live version soon. I think I’m saving my new pants.

@C: This one is 4 u.

DLake – White Pants (192 kbps) (zShare)

Bonus: Get the mixtape/promo “Bmore Of a Hipster – The Mixtape v2.0” here.