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Breach – Jack

Apr 4 2013

UK producer Breach unleashes this jacking house, sexy monster of a track, “Jack” was one of the biggest tracks at WMC this year and was released April 2nd on Dirtybird.

“I had dinner with Breach in London and he told me “Hey, I have a track that is really dirtybird. I would put it out but its really sounding right for you guys.” I took this with a grain of salt but then I heard “Let’s Get Hot” and I found out he was right. It’s got the swagger and the sound. It makes girls grind their asses into boys crotches on the dancefloor. Perfect. Signed.

So I then asked him to make something even more sexual, thinking it would be ages before I got something back. 10 days later the A-side came back to me as a 2 minute clip while i was on the train to warehouse project in Manchester. I liked it so much that i edited it on the train to stretch it out to 5 minute. As expected, it slayed the room and the final version Breach has delivered is one of the best records of the year in my opinion. With the simple title of “Jack” you can see for yourself when you play it. This is the real deal.

Claude VonStroke”

Hold You Tight

Jan 21 2011

Seclusive Berlin producer Daniel Steinberg is about to unleash his debut album “Shut Up” late January on Front Room Recordings (sublabel to Made To Play, both run by Jesse Rose) but he’s no newcomer seeing as he’s spent the last 15 years honing his trade and is well regarded amongst the likes of Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Richie Hawtin and Claude Von Stroke. On the track “Hold Tight” we get a 6 minute microcosmos of the productions offered on his debut album: warm, soulful and with a tropical feel that will have you strutting around on the dancefloor in mere seconds.

Daniel Steinberg – Hold You Tight (ge.tt)


Tanner Ross and Sergio Santos are the latest signing to Mothership. Tanner you may know from Voodeux or from early appearances on Dirtybird. Sergio you may know from Wolf+Lamb and Airdrop. They are roommates so they got the smelly socks 116 bpm funk goin on. Check their “G. Things EP” out next week, but for now here’s the free mix DL so u can hear what’s up. (yes, the new EP is in the mix)

Download: Tanner Ross and Sergio Santos G Things Promo Mix

Week 23??
U may have been wondering where I’ve been but you probably never missed me at all. I don’t really know what happened besides the fact that writing “I just played a great party” 20 weeks in a row can be quite boring to write AND to read. But some really standout gigs have happened since my last entry including one of the best DJ weekends of my life in Dublin, Leeds, and London. Basically my “bread and butter” as my agent would call them. I love these three towns. I connect with the people there in a way that makes me smile and love my job more than anything in the world. Big up to T-Bar, Back to Basics, Plan B, Osaka, Chibuku, Denver and all the good shows over the last few weeks.

One of my favorite nights in the world is called Back to Basics in Leeds. Check out this BBC video about it (the longest running club night in the UK – over 18 yrs!) with footage of yours truly and a clip of “Who’s Afraid of Detroit”?

Dirtybird B-Day
Also – our 5 year dirtybird B-Day party was in SF since my last blog entry and it was amazing. Everyone played great and we packed that place with over 1200 heads. There’s nothing like seeing something like this develop over 5 years and finally hit it’s stride. The hometown vibe was bouncin’ 100%. Here is a video one of our people made for us. It’s hard to see sometimes, but you get the picture. I can’t wait for this 5 year cd set to come out in April!

Dirtybird Recrods 5 year Anniversary Party from Jake Wiens on Vimeo.


But no one really reads this to find out how much fun i’m having do they? It’s more about the mishaps and blunders on the road that make life interesting. So let’s revisit the second to last day of my 10 day trip to Asia. I have played Tokyo and about 5 other cities and I am burnt. It’s 7am on Saturday morning and I am sitting down next to a snack stand at the the Kuala Lampor airport throwing away all of the clothes I don’t absolutely “need.” I pick out my 8 favorite t-shirts and jam them into my DJ bag. All the rest like dirty underwear, socks, running shoes, jacket, shirts — will all be casualties of this purge.

What gives? Turns out the last day of my Asia tour had a little snag. I had to fly all the way from Kuala Lampor to Osaka Japan for the very last show of a 10 day trip. But in order to make it to Osaka i have to stop in “Guangzhou” China. And Guangzhou China is one of the only places on earth you cannot check your bag through. I have a 45 minute connection which would be difficult to make even if i didn’t have any luggage checked in. So the only way to make it to Osaka is to trash my “check in” luggage completely.

It might sound crazy but it is a very simple (and ridiculous) math equation.

Play the gig – Bag = get paid more than the price of the bag


Keep Bag + miss the gig AND the flight home the next morning.

For me, it’s an easy choice. I ditch the dirty underwear in the garbage can and sacrifice the bag.

I go back upstairs and the Malaysian Air check-in guy recognizes me from my first encounter when he told me the crazy rules in China. He smiles and checks me into the flight. He’s kind of a goofy guy and I’ll never forget his last sentence to me..
“Your seat is 5C, the lounge is to the left after security, and thanks for the nice bag.” giggle…

Then he takes my $400 luggage as a gift because I can’t check it through!!

Wow, that is almost as funny as the night before when i walked on stage in front of 1500+ and the owner of the club came up to me and said…
“You can play a couple of your own things and then you need to play commercial.”

Followed by me saying…”Don’t stand anywhere near me. Don’t talk to me. You make me sick. I’m going to pretend you don’t exist.”

Followed by me Dj-ing with a forced grin and the promoters getting on the mic all throughout my set and shouting “Who’s Afraid of Detroit mothefuckers!! This is how we do it it the KL!!!” (that’s Kuala Lampor fyi)

Interesting night AND morning… can’t wait to go back and do it all again.

Tanner Ross & Sergio Santos – G.Things Ep Promo Mix

1. Martin Buttrich – L2 [ Desolate ]
2. Tanner Ross & Sergio Santos – Sedara [ Mothership ]
3. Seth Troxler – Love Never Sleeps ( Gadi Mizrahi Mix )
4. Franck Roger – The Wolfman [ Real Tone Records ]
5. Dachshund – V2e [ Sthlmaudio Recordings ]
6. Voodeux – Heebie Jeebiez ( Soul Clap mix ) CDR
7. Kenny Larkin – GLOB (Claude VonStroke 71 Remix) [Planet E]
8. Martyn – Seventy Four ( Redshape Remix ) [ 3024 ]
9. Tanner Ross & Sergio Santos – G.Things [ Mothership ]
10. Second-Hand Satellites – Orbit 1.4 [ Hallucination ]
11. Scuba – Flesh Is Weak [ Hot Flush ]
12. SECT – SECTsy [ Culprit ]

Chilly Gonzales gives us a fresh new mixtape, “Pianist Envy” is made up of piano remixes of several hip hop and dance favorites, including tracks by Beyonce and Daft Punk! This first-ever “piano mixtape” offers a unique and masterful blend of Chilly’s piano and orchestral sounds with hip hop beats and electro. Among the artists featured on the mixtape we find 50 Cent, Daft Punk, Busta Rhymes, Claude Von Stroke, Clipse and Kelly Clarkson.

Chilly Gonzales – Pianist Envy Mixtape (sign up for download link)

Tracklist after the jump.

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Teki hit us up with a little something to make us smile but we’ll let him do the talking.

“Here’s a little gift from my friend Gonzales (who as some of you may know is currently wrapping up his next album produced by none other than Boys Noize). It’s some sort of piano remix of the old 50 cent hit “Many Men”. It’s taken from his piano mixtape “Pianist’s Envy” dropping soon on the interwebs, on which he plays piano over rap instrumentals, remixes rap acapellas with piano on top, and re-arranges house songs piano/orchestra style, it’s pretty unique and amazing. Here’s a word about it from the maestro himself

“Chilly Gonzales presents the first-ever piano mixtape “Pianist’s Envy”. You know those rap beats and electro songs with almost nothing in them? “Tipsy”, “Grindin'”, “A Milli”, “Rollin’ and Scratchin'”, “Single Ladies”? Chilly goes all Liberace on these beats with his piano and his orchestra. Claude Von Stroke, 50 Cent, Kelly Clarkson, Rocky Balboa and Gonzo himself all make cameos. Dropping mid-February 2010 via chillygonzales.com.”

50 Cent – Many Men (Gonzales piano version) (zShare)

Tracklist for the mixtape + tourdates for the piano talk show after the jump.

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Week 10 (actually 13) of a tour is the week when you say, “Damn, how many weeks are left on this thing? Did i actually approve all these gigs?” Whah whah, play me a violin and cry me a river, VonStroke! Suck it up, put your balls back in your underoos and get on the airplane. Barcelona’s only 19 hrs travel from SFO. That’s like nothing to you dood. DJT is on like week 800 on his tour and you are complaining about 10.. What a pussy.. —- As you can see I’m talking to myself on my own blog. It’s mental.

Anyway, with just a few more weeks on the official album tour (and tour blog)…it’s time to get back on it. I got a couple new bits this week from my inner circle of producers…guys like Sascha Braemer and Hickup. When i see their emails with a DL link i get all excited. Some of these made last second additions to the 5 year project on dirtybird. More on that soon.

The newest dirtybird
Last week i interviewed over 40 people to be my personal assistant. I cannot actually believe it has come to this moment where i need an assistant just to survive. But with 2 labels, 2 kids, and gigs almost every weekend in Europe I can’t even get through 20% of my emails. —- OK so you say shut the fuck up, put a bra on your man-boobs and get it together CVS! Anyway, my new assistant’s name is Arlene and she will hopefully make it so i can actually spend some time in the music studio instead of the office so we welcome Arlene to the dirtybird family this week.

Gig was great. Full house. But one of those stages that makes me feel like I am Djing all alone while everyone is partying 50 yards away behind a giant fence. Clubs should not be set up this way, like rock venues. Even so the crowd was great and showing me some big Spanish love so i had a great time. My buddy Justin was there from LA taking pics.

munic pic

Surprised to me Sebastian from Minilogue at dinner. We chatted it up for almost the entire meal. Great guy. Here is the record they did for us last year on mothership. suuuuper deeeeep.

munic pic

— Minilogue – Arb Almub Almoh – full track free DL!…..

I played the Harry Klein club in Munich and our designer Max (the guy who does ALL the art for our labels – including that Minilogue cover) was there with his visuals partner lighting up the entire room with crazy beamers full of dirtybird and mothership video art. The club was fantastic. I never know what to expect in Germany but this was definitely one of my best nights there. Crowd was super amped up all night and finally my dreams came true and my Kenny Larking remix for Planet E was the track of the night..

GLOB – Kenny Larkin – Claude VonStroke 71 remix – Planet E (clip)

munic pic

To bad my flight home was an endless series of mega delays, otherwise it would have been a perfect weekend. Next week I’m coming for you, UK!


I’m out in Australia on a vacation/DJ trip for 10 days. A little R&R mixed with DJ-ing never hurt anyone. We had a great Xmas in San Francisco and i wish everyone a great 2010. As of Jan1, dirtybird is now 5 years old. Can u believe it? We’ve got a big 5 year birthday release planned so keep a lookout.

Sydney – New Years Eve @ Pacha
I don’t know if New Years is a tour date as much as it is a mandatory DJ affair. I think everyone with a bag of records gets at least one phone call for NYE whether it be your friend’s dorm room or a giant festival. This year I played at Pacha in Sydney. Out of courtesy to the label who licensed my album (and was doing the event) and the amount of amazing hospitality we received I will spare everyone the gory details.

Brisbane – New Years Day @ Monastery

Track of the night:
Deep Throat – Claude VonStroke – full Download + Music video

The room was bouncing off to everything but the very first original track I ever made as CVS was the one that got a special massive response. Check out my nephew Vincil in my very first music video all shot in San Fran, 2006. (i am the homeless guy in the laundromat)

Hoping to find some redemption on New Year’s Day, I flew to Brisbane (or Bris-vegas as the Aussie’s call it.) The promoters here immediately put me at ease because they were dirtybird fans so i knew they would be working hard on getting people out to the club. We have a similar party on New Years Day in San Fran put on by Stompy. It starts mid-day and is always a drunken fiesta by the end. This party was the same. A bit better than NYE after all the amateurs have returned to their caves.


I went on around midnight and had a super fun set. Great crowd. lots of shots, drinks and fun to be had. People were dancing on the bar, throwing their shirts on stage. At one point a few girls dancing on the bar put up a sign “Marry me, Claude!” Hilarious. Sorry ladies, I love the sentiment but it’s not meant to be.

I stayed a little while after my set cause the guy after me was playing some good tunes and I just felt like hanging out. Eventually i went back up and traded 1’s with him for the last 40 minutes of the night.

Top 10 Australian “works” Hamburger ingredients vs. America
I’ve had two burgers here so far on this trip with “the works.” They were both very good but also a bit different from American “works” burgers. Check out the ingredient list…

1. Burger itself (tastes a little different, are they using Wallabies?) Bonus America.
2. Beets or Beetroot as it’s called here. (WTF? But they taste great i must admit) Bonus Australia
3. Fried Egg (i’ve seen this before but it’s still strange) Bonus Australia?
4. Tomato Sauce (nope, no ketchup. sometimes they have BBQ sauce.) Bonus America
5. Lettuce – Whatever. Tie
6. Fried Onions – Bonus Australia (although fried is used loosely here)
7. Mayo – I hate Mayo. Tie.
8. Bacon (Bacon here is usually not crispy has loads of fat rind) Bonus America
9. Cheese – usually a sharp Cheddar instead of cheap American. Bonus Australia
10. Poundage – I don’t think i have ever been less hungry than after the Australian Burger. They are so heavy duty that you can eat one and you don’t have to eat another thing for the entire day. Bonus Australia?? I’m not sure because I didn’t want to leave my bed for the entire day either.

Winner – Although the addition of Beetroot, Fried Egg, Onions and Sharp Cheese makes for a pretty wild “works” recipe (and i’ve even heard of Pineapple rings and Chili mayo added) it only gets you to 2nd place in the World Burger rating…the lack of Ketchup, Beef taste, crispy bacon and severe overpricing make America still the home of the best Burgers. But they do know grilled meats out here. Those “barbie” jokes are for real! Good on ya.