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Australian artist cln just delivered a chill electronic ballad “Waiting For You” that is filled with raw emotion and grit. This dreamy release featuring his own vocals is a glimpse into what is to come on his debut album.

Smooth and subtle, hip hop newcomer cln crushed this new track with his homie pseudo. “Switch Gears” is perfect for easy-listening on those low-key nights spent lounging indoors with friends. The piano riffs add a nice touch to a lyrical base that is frankly pretty impressive. Watch this space..

Before listening to this song I definitely thought Lou Millar was a dude. It was only after pressing play that I realized I was wrong. On cln’s “Satisfy,” Lou drifts throughout seamless instrumentation with her eerily beautiful vocal timbre. “Satisfy” is an absolutely hypnotic blend of moody keys and pulsating beats, all interwoven by cln’s impeccable production.

Melbourne electronic duo Back Back Forward Punch treated us to their downtempo electropop tune “Solid Gold” a few weeks ago and now they share two stunning remixes of the track. First up is Canadian beat connoisseur Pat Lok, who flips the track into a tune with a slight 90s R&B flavor. The second remix comes from Brisban wunderkid cln, who takes us on a dark journey, creating a deeply dynamic atmospheric sound. Both remixes are available as free downloads via Back Back Forward Punch’s Facebook page.