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Collecting bits and pieces from one of the most influential techno projects ever, “Journey Of The Deep Sea Dweller” is the first in a Drexciya re-issue series that serves as an excellent refresher course for those like myself who were too young to catch most of the Detroit, Michigan musical collective’s output the first time around.

Remastered from the original master tapes, this release dives into some of Drexciya’s dark early work – deep, dark, cold collaborations between Detroit techno, ambient, industrial and electro. Reportedly all recorded live and centered around a hypnotic, pulsating TR-808 drum machine, something about Drexciya pulls you in and envelops you completely- whether hypnotizing you into a stony dancefloor trance, or transforming your room into feeling like the pitch black depths of the ocean.

It’s also a project that now deceased Drexciya frontman James Stinson saw as a “dimensional jumphole” between their black African roots and the contemporary USA – sleeve notes from 1997 album “The Quest” revealed that the ficitional”Drexciya” was an underwater country populated by the unborn children of pregnant African women thrown off of slave ships that had adapted to breathe underwater in their mother’s wombs.

Stream the album’s tracks on youtube below, but this is really one of those ones you have to put on a record player to truly appreciate.

Drexciya – Welcome To Drexciya

Drexciya – Wavejumper

Rest of the compilation collected after the cut:

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