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Here is one for the season!

“Recently 77Klash & Krames performed at a smoked out snowboard event in Vermont, only to find the christmas spirit of Jacob Marley. There they were inspired to make “Dubstep Dickens,” a mix highlighting samples from Richard William’s Oscar-winning animated interpretation of Charles Dickens “A Christmas Carol.” Have a “dubby” christmas!”

[soundcloud width=”100%” height=”81″ params=”secret_url=false” url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/7663929″]

Tracklist after jump.

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After great success w/ their single “Voodoozela” and the accompanying viral Youtube video The New York Dutch Masters decided they couldn’t let the “Voodoozela” ride off into the sunset just yet. Part II features Spoek Mathambo from the beginning to the end of the track adding verses, hooks & bridges to the instantly recognizable sounds of the vuvuzela, while alluding to exactly what you would imagine using this South African Horn as a metaphor!

The New York Dutch Masters are @cobrakrames & @terrordactel

The New York Dutch Masters (ft. Spoek Mathambo) – Voodoozela Pt II (Soundcloud)

The New York Dutch Masters (ft. Spoek Mathambo) – Voodoozela Pt II (zShare)

I wanna scream BALTIMORE!!!, In my heart my second home. Long time has passed without some proper B-more here on Discobelle but now Diamond K and Al Ripken Jr gets our “Hands Up In the Air” once more! Whos running this club? Probably Top Billin with this new release “Hands In The Air EP” and as always they bring out the big guns. Reloading this time is Night Slugs own big boss Bok Bok, Montreal’s beat wonderboy Lunice and Finnish dubstep champ Tes La Rok, under his more funky alias Trusta, is flipping the B-side “Single Ladies Single Fellas”. Finally we got our Awesome Agency colleague Cobra Krames and we got his remix for free download below and it gives the original a somewhat more caribbean feel.

Buy the EP on Juno!

Hands in the air. Stop, keep ’em there!!

Diamond K & Al Ripken Jr – Hands In The Air (Cobra Krames Remix) (yousendit)

Diamond K & Al Ripken Jr – Hands In The Air (Cobra Krames Remix) (sharebee)

Official remix for the Team Sonar EP available on iTunes. Sean “Cobra” Krames is in Scandinavia and killed it at Kärleksklubben last saturday. He is truly a dope club dj who knows the audience in and out but still does his own thing. This weekend he plays in UmeÃ¥ @ Shape Up! tomorrow night and in Stockholm @ Reisen tonight!

Team Sonar – I Eat The P***Y (Cobra Krames Club Remix) (YSI)

Team Sonar – I Eat The P***Y (Cobra Krames Club Remix) (Sharebee)


No one wears a mullet like Cobra Krames and few can get their mix on like he does.

“It was the beginning of what would become an epic summer, and I was restless from the heat. Unanswered questions arise to any man seeking meaning in what has become many moons of partying. I decided to go on a vision quest to seek inspiration; for the future of the dancefloor depended on it! I spent my summer on the isles of the great Shamans, smoking ceremonial pipes, eating mushrooms & chanting till the wee hours of the morning. At times it was if the sun never set and I found myself in enormous drum circles with the high chiefs of many forgotten tribes. In sweat tents we sipped tea and meditated over the powerful trance-inducing drumming of the Shaman. At the summer’s end I returned to Bushwick Brooklyn a changed man. The sounds I’d heard on those beaches and mountains had inspired me to re-create those feelings on the dancefloor.

Download: Cobra Krames – Mixin It Up for Discobelle (zShare)

“New Mission” – Cobra Krames & “Make Em Shake It” (acapella) – Wahoo
I wanted to start the mix with a big rave anthematic intro so make that happen , then I sampled Tangerine Dream’s “Kiew Mission” to make the melody for the riddim, it really sounds a lot like Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” I think.

“Club Love” Dub – Cobra Krames
This is a riddim I made for The Cataracs from the bay area for a remix of there “Club Love” single. I like the dub version so I used that w/ the Wahoo acapella as well for that mega mix feeling!

“Allah Ma Diana” – Le Zagazougou & “Party Hard” – Donaeo
I like the drum riddim in “Allah Ma Diana” and Donaeo has a great voice, really cool in that context. I thought it would be a good seg-way into the rest of the mixtape.

“Afreaka” – Solo & “Brooklyn Anthem” (acapella) – 77 Klash
I got this acapella from Klash and I really wanted to rep Brooklyn right in the mix, I live here so its important to rep that in the music and we’re creating some dope new styles here and Klash really is pushing new music and the direction of the party. “Afreaka” has a dope tribal feel to it that I am really driving through the mix.

“E Samba” (Cobra Krames Remix) – Junior Jack
E Samba is a dope Latin House tune that I really wanted to put a twist on, so I worked with the acapella and turned it into a Puerto Bass Banger, I think the industrial power saw bassline combined w/the ringtone and techno synths makes for a dope combination.

“The Leak” – N.B. Funky
Dude is pushing the UK Funky scene for sure and he’s got a buncha tunes, it was really hard to choose which one to pick for the mixtape, but I think “The Leak” really fits in with my production sound for the mixtape and works to bridge my original tunes together.

“Bajo del Bongo” Dub – Cobra Krames & “Mas Que Nada” (acapella) – Sergio Mendes
One of two beats I made recently with a Baile Funk and Tribal House vibe in mind, so you catch elements of both of those styles, with the tambors and fills, but you get a 4 on beat as well with some heavy bass. The “Mas Que Nada” vocal I thought was simply a good fit and also seg-ways really nice into the next section of the mixtape.

“Wonton Garden Riddim” – Spoek & “Nice Green” (acapella) – Jahdan Blakkamoore & “Delirio del Sotano” Dub – Cobra Krames
This Riddim is currently one of my favorites, I’ve heard it used a few different ways and it just seems to work no matter how you flip it, Spoek killed it with this one. The “Nice Green” acapella is dope and Jahdan be killin’ it right now , dude is about to blow up on some major shit , he has to!! “Delirio del Sotano” is the other Tribal Funk Riddim that I recently made, taking from some influence of Masters At Work on the snares and really driving in the whistle, thats my shizz, the whistle!!!

“Hey Rumba” – Bangana & “Makonde” – Uncle Bakongo
I really like the breakdown in “Hey Rumba”, it really symbolizes the style of the movement in the music and what puts this apart from other things you hear, the chanting and melodic percussive instrumentation and then putting that w/ the Riddim of “Makonde” which is very organic.

“My Penis” (Cobra Krames Remix) – Larry Tee & Perez Hilton
This is one of those tracks that people tend to get a kick out of, the original is on Larry Tee’s summer release of “My Penis” and “My Pussy” b-side, I have got a lot of comments on how this is simply a fun tune! Produced in a similar vain to the other original tracks featured on the mix.

“Inflation” – Crazy Cousinz & “Do Dis Thang” (acapella) – Cobra Krames ft. 215TFK
Crazy Cousinz doing some big things in the UK Funky scene and I wanted to flip one of there tunes on the mixtape, so I did that with an acapella from an upcoming single I have coming out w/ 215 The Freshest Kids, we recorded these hooks at the crib while Buddy Lezzle was in town and Cerebral Vortex lives in NYC now so thats a good look.

“Calinda” (Cobra Krames Remix) – Ritmo-Dynamic
This is one of those tunes that really reps the style on the mixtape. Like the other ones, its got some rave synths and heavy bass with a tribal riddim. I really like the track “Calinda” so I thought it would be dope to put a bass feeling to it and get it poppin’.

“Uptown Pon De Floorever” – Cobra Krames
I was on a journey and I thought to myself, what is a reggaeton melody that everyone knows that I could flip w/ my style. At that same moment I realized how similar the words Baltimore and Pon De Floor sound if you say them fast together ya know. I decided to make it epic w/ some big reverb and a simple bassline to drive the horns from “Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)” and do something tonal w/ the pon de floor phrase making it go up and down.


Our Stockholm friends, La Vida Locash, are putting together a big summer party tomorrow night at Färgfabriken. They invited fellow Awesome Agency dj Cobra Krames who will show us Swedes how they rock it in Brooklyn. Joining in on the mayhem are: UMYO, Audiofon, Kvinnokollektivet and La Vida Locash themselves.

The La Vida Locash head honcho also gave us two tracks that we could post in order for you guys to get pumped up. First out we have Cobra Krames who brings us a new track on which he blends that classic Donnis acappella over a synthblazed club beat, then we have Swedish techhouse phenomena Adrian Lux and his new protegee Florés having a go at the upcoming Krames single “Bar 2 Bar”.

Cobra Krames – Chief Is At The Party (YSI)

Cobra Krames – Chief Is At The Party (Sharebee)

Cobra Krames РBar 2 Bar (Adrian Lux & Flor̩s remix) (YSI)

Cobra Krames РBar 2 Bar (Adrian Lux & Flor̩s remix) (Sharebee)

Complete lineup and details for the party after the jump.

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