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Ashley Jones goes by many names and his musical tastes and talents span the spectrum. Most of us know Ashley as nu-disco producer Treasure Fingers, but he’s also 1/3 of the drum and bass outfit, Evol Intent. Treasure Fingers was originally incepted as a way for Ashley to make something completely different from the dark and heavy sound of dnb and instead create something uplifting and vibrant. And that is exactly what he accomplished with the 2008 track, “Cross the Dancefloor,” which topped the charts and put Treasure Fingers on the nu-disco map. Since then, Ashley’s produced some excellent remixes for everyone from Avicii to Chromeo to Theophilus London.

His latest project is a 6-track EP, Rooftop Revival, featuring remixes from Bro Safari, Computer Club, Deep Future and Kastle. We’re excited to premiere the remix by Computer Club aka Michael Gigantor. Treasure Fingers and Computer Club work together as 2/3’s of Evol Intent (the remaining 1/3 being Bro Safari) so it’s no surprise that they would come together on this track. Computer Club adds heavy and aggressive synths to “Rooftop Revival” that gives the track a straight up mean vibe. It’s still funky disco but get ready to get a little sweaty on the dance floor.

Rooftop Revival drops this Tuesday, March 6th via Scion A/V.


We’ve posted the video for “Rooftop Revival” here before, but in case you missed it take a look below.  It takes us through a fun party and depicts people young and old getting down and boogie-ing. We see the man himself controlling the movements of people on the dance floor like a puppeteer with his slick disco tunes; two girls riding in a candy painted Cadillac cruising down the highway; and an old man dressed so fresh to death ready for a night out.