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FSQ is a New York outfit headed up by Discobelle family member Chuck Fishman together with Grammy-nominated GKoop, Morgan Wiley, Chas Bronz, and One Era. FSQ have a slew of amazing releases under their belt and they’ve shared the stage with funk legends such as George Clinton, Parliament-Funkadelic!

We here at Discobelle are extremely proud to be able to offer up the exclusive premiere of FSQ’s epic 10 minutes long rework of the Ozgood and Sa’d The Hourchild Ali single track “No Couture” (drops tomorrow January 17th via Soul Clap Records and which also features close friend/collaborator, the supertalented Jamaica-based producer/artist David Marston).

The rework pits a tight, strutting disco rhythm against ethereal sounding guitar chords that intertwine with Sa’d Ali’s booming house music vocal sermons and a stomping bassline. The track is the perfect companion on a cold, dark January weekend and will immediately lift your spirits.

“Too Late To Cry” is the sixth relase from Ibiza/NYC based label Eyedyllic Music and they keep it in the family with this collaboration of incredibly talented artists.

The original version of “Too Late To Cry” was produced and released by the multi-talented Jamaica export, David Marston? and appeared on a compilation via Eyedyllic co-founder Kev Obrien’s former label, Stranjjur, back in 2012. Years later, long after Marston had achieved acclaim via premier labels such as Soul Clap and Wolf+Lamb and after meeting in person, it was decided that the song deserved a more special showcasing, and Eyedyllic embarked on putting this special release together.

Brooklyn house duo No Regular Play gladly accepted to collaborate on a revision of the song for their 2019 mix which we here at Discobelle can premiere for you today.

They used David’s original musical parts as their basis but crafted a massive new version with the addition of a squelchy, acidic bass line along with a freestyle trumpet riff (played by Greg Paulus) making this into an absolute monster of a track that has already earned support from Seth Troxler.

Another Discobelle premiere, this time the awesome NYC outfit known as FSQ (stands for Funk Style Quality, check their Discobelle mix here) delivers a Caribbean disco tinged remix and breathes new life with the aid of a warm, late night disco atmosphere and funked up horns to the track “Giving Up On You” from Jamaican artist David Marston.

The remix is part of the remix package to last years much lauded “Kindness of Bearer” EP (released on Soul Clap Records) which captured the laidback atmosphere of David Marstons island home.

Australian producer Inkswel is as most of you already know a major production talent across 80’s boogie funk, early hip hop, soul, disco, house, smashing edits and more.

He offered our friends in NYC funk outfit FSQ an opportunity to do a remix for his next remix EP single. The track “Together” is taken from his latest album “Unity 4 Utopia” (which was recently released on https://soundcloud.com/bbemusic“>BBE Music) and features the amazing jazz/funk/soul vocalist Colonel Red on lead vocals. The remix EP drops June 3rd.

The FSQ remix was recorded in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in early April 2016 at the studios of Soul Clap Records artist Midnight Magic in a collaboration together with label mate and Jamaican native David Marston.

The track is transformed in a typical FSQ Caribbean Disco style, “a la Sly and Robbie” with a warm, funked up feel, a tasty guitar skank and some sweet reggae piano – making this something we’ll blast at all our upcoming outdoor parties and you should too.

Nick Monaco & David Marston – Cherry Juice (Music Video)

Made in Jamaica. Island Life presents the Cherry Juice video. Shot entirely on an iPhone on our last trip down to the island. We capture scenes of Kingston, Blue Mountains, and my hairless chest. Hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it. Respect!

Posted by Nick Monaco on Monday, February 8, 2016

Soul Clap Records affiliated artist, David Marston, had a big 2014 with a string of superb releases. He just finished a new remix for the release “Gone Too Deep” from production outfit Circle that is about to drop June 1st via the Rob Paine helmed and Philadelphia based label Worship Recordings.

We here at Discobelle are proud to be able to exclusively present all you readers with the premiere of the remix, it’s filled with sultry and lush synthwork that paired with the warm vocals from Rise 8 evokes a soulful, summertime vibe which should be perfect for your next rooftop party or bbq.

We’re super excited to present this weeks Discobelle exclusive mix, especially since it’s coming from longtime friends of ours – namely FSQ who in order for us to survive winter brings us a mix that’s filled to the bring with sunshine and funk.

“A selection of sunny jams from FSQ (Funk Style Quality) to keep the light and warmth going in the middle of the winter. We added some FSQ track exclusives like “SMDH” and “Vibe Out” which will be on our upcoming album this year, with versions here remixed by LA’s Color Vision and NYC’s Dopeshoes respectively.

We also feature some of our FSQ members who turn in their own solo works, like Chas Bronz (“Renegades of the New Age Funk”), Sa’d Ali (who’s group, AtomicHeadz delivers a new remix from Thugfucker), and GKoop (who produced most of the new Funkadelic album and offers an unreleased track from it).

In our mix for Discobelle, we like to flaunt our diversity in styles, and go from 80’s smoothed out jams (Style Council, Curiosity Killed The Cat, Thomas Dolby) and head into deep boogie funk cuts (Jimmy Bo Horne, Tara, Cutty), then jump into really new entries from Vanilla Ace, Brother In Arms, Luca C and Brigante, Breach and many others. Some tracks are so hot and new we can’t reveal the names yet.

We also like everything coming from Latin America right now so we added some flavor from our favorites, Future Feelings (Mexico) and Schoolbell (Brazil).

Produced by FSQ with special co-production by Soul Clap Records label mate David Marston.”