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Toronto producer Deebs and Los Angeles singer Jarell Perry make some real magic with “Giving U”. The track was produced from across the country, but it’s clear that the two achieved beautiful synergy in this track. Co-produced by Meesha, “Giving U” is a slow burning R&B tune with Perry’s silky smooth vocals. The track appears on Deebs and Perry’s collaborative EP “Shift” out next month on 5/18.

deebs - s4ubmTS

Toronto producer Deebs will release new EP “Songs 4 U By Me” later this month, and leading up to the release he decided to share the track “At Last”.

With “At Last” he puts together a driven club track that is centered around a hypnotic vocal sample.

Deebs – Fillet

Feb 23 2013

Toronto producer Deebs makes his debut on premier Belgian club music label Pelican Fly with the track “Fillet” which is taken from the just released stellar 8 track compilation EP “Feathers”. “Fillet” starts off with a cinematic intro before moving onto a crisp pitter patter of drums along with a rolling beat and mesmerizing, intense synths that circles in and out of the track.

Carmen Art

Toronto producer Meati will be busy in the upcoming months, he has an EP coming out soon on Get Flavor that will feature remixes from Ardalan, Bosstone, John Roman, and Krueger. Also in the works there’s a collaboration with Deebs and a forthcoming remix on Pelican Fly. But before this mass of tracks gets released, we here at Discobelle can present you with “Carmen” which is a dark and brooding track with a subbass that’ll rattle your ribcage and as an added bonus we get a lingering, intimidating Weezy sample to tie the whole thing into one formidable affair.

Mo money.

Carmen by Meati

Will Diebel (also known to some in the music community as Deebs) is one of the hotter artists on Get Flavor records lately, with his Dollop EP delivering a good invigorating kick into spastic, unpredictably fun dance music.

No better way to get through the week than with this tasteful Lauryn Hill bootleg, perfect for smoke filled rooms and blasting out the back seat of your Cadillac. Download it below and get moving.

Lauryn Hill – Doo Wop (Deebs Bootleg) by Deebs


In the dim Toronto nightclubs nestled between roti shops and back alleys full of stolen road bikes, there’s a new sound brewing. One of the frontrunners of that Canadian techno contingent is made up of Toronto duo Meati & Meech (Todd Douglas Schlattman and Michel Fournier), whose Discobelle Records debut track “Favela” received overwhelming reviews and popularity as it topped the best selling charts; #1 in the Funky/ Club House & #2 in overall sales. It was second only to Duck Sauce’s ‘Barbra Streisand’, but with less Boney M sampling and more baile funk, bubbling percussion and menacing fog machine hisses.

Their new “Bock” EP is an expansion of their developing signature sound – six tracks that employ rattling percussion and spliced tropical samples to devastating effect with remixes from Panton, Poupon, Deebs and Sunnybeach happyslap Mardigras.

The title track is reminiscent of a marching band lost in hell, trumpet players stumbling forward and fighting their way through a haze of fog while batons twirl in the air. Under all that filtered shuffling there’s a big buildup to a moment of dancefloor euphoria halfway through that’s not to be missed.

Meati & Meech’s second original track on the EP is “Choctaw”, which could be the sound of someone sawing off their leg in the rain forest after a helicopter crash, while echoing 808 pings sounding off in the wilderness. Meati & Meech even manage to pump in some pan flute amongst the percussive ruins of the track, and it sounds like the most logical and natural thing in the world.

Art work by Julia Szulc and mastering by Tommi Langen.

Support us and the artists by getting the EP on Beatport.

Meati & Meech – Bock EP [DISCOBELLE] by Meati & Meech

BONUS TRACK: Meati & Meech – Favela (direct link)