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Another fine release from our friends over at Palms Out.
Digital Primate gives us a rockhard but still bouncy track “I Ain’t Wid It” featuring fab MC’s Queen Khadeeja and Demilition B-Girl who gets “bootyvicious” on Mr Bling and the sexist parts of the music industry. Over at the HQ we usually have no probs with booty but we are def. joining in on the chanting in the chorus “This bootylicius bullshit! has got to go. I Ain’t Wid It!”. The Acid Jacks gives the track a straight forward electro twist.

Buy the full release, that aswell as a bunch of remixes also includes the original tracks “I Don’t Give A Fuck” and “On Da Radio”, at Beatport.

Digital Primate – I Ain’t Wid It (Acid Jacks Remix)

Digital Primate – I Ain’t Wid It (Acid Jacks Remix) (Sharebee)