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Got skillz?Drop Box time again!

You know the drill. We post stuff that we got from our dropbox. Could be known artists or just some dude just starting out. If we find something remotely interesting in it we will post it. If you don’t find your shit here, it probably had to do with one of these reasons: Your track was a remix, you didn’t write anything about the track, you sent us stuff that we couldn’t possibly post or you are simply not there yet. So here we go:

Dirty McKenzie – Wake Up! (direct link)

Produced By Dirty McKenzie. Other Aliases: DJ Apollo, Cocaine On Her Dress, Ralph Laurenn, more… Released by: Bass-United Oct 2008 “Wake up! Time to die” vocoder is a quote from Blade Runner

sicknote – death before employment (direct link)

A brand new track coming soon on Tantrum Records… following on from Sicknote’s “The Holy Trinity EP”. Album due next year.

Der YON – La Vida Loca (direct link)

Hey, hey… my name is André and i want you to check out my tracks and remixes. I´m 26 years old, I´m german and live in Cologne since 3 years. I enjoy your blog and I hope you enjoy my music as well…

EME – Barbarisme Fixe (direct link)

Hi Discobelle! We’d love it if you’d check out our new track, “Barbarisme Fixe”. We are moving house to Romania in a couple weeks and wanted to share this before we left. Hope you like it! Thanks, EME

Instrumentalos – Bullfighting (Original Mix) (direct link)

Samba-inspired track with guitars, trumpets and lots of percussion.

DataDistrict – Midnight Runner (direct link)

Thought you might be interested in hearing this track, if you want to hear more go here “myspace.com/datadistrict

Errorism – Oh!-K (direct link)

We started producing this year and this is our youngest song. “Oh!-k”
We would apreciate it if you would listen to it. Thnx, Errorism

Dark Room Robot -samsara v123 (direct link)

Deep techy track with a cheeky sample from the classic McQueen film ‘Slow Hand Luke’. Great track to start a set with. Got my second EP due soon on More Music. I’ve been featured in DJ Mag and starting to play out now with set of loops and remixes using Ableton Live. Check out myspace.com/darkroomrobot for now info

Digivitis – Force Fit (direct link)

hi, bmore trance? myspace.com/tomfeiza

Oh Shit! – Romance

This is a track off our demo called “Shit Where You Eat.” We are an electro duo with live vocals out of LA called Oh Shit!

Boom Operator – JabStrongFierce (direct link)

An aggressive dance track inspired by Street Fighter background music.

Jack Tennis – The Toolbox (direct link)

Yo, the new track from Berlins Jack Tennis. Feel free to post. Cheers, Tobi Tennis

Pop Action – Now Wave (direct link)

Hi, I am Philipp, a DJ from Dortmund, Germany spinning electronic music (Baile Funk, Bmore, Fidget, New Rave-rotten corpse pieces). I also produce melancholic music as teamforest (releases on Morr Music etc.). Floorwise I have been DJ’ing with Busy P, SebastiAn, Mehdi, DSL, Strip Steve, D.I.M. to name but a few. After ridiculous distorted bass remixes of German Schlager music for fun I thought I should produce a serious dance track myself. I did my first attempt and here it is. Hope you like it!

Super Duper – I’m Out of This World (direct link)

It’s a super futuristic space song filled with heavy drums and analog synths but has a grimmy overtone to it. As for the lyrics we’re basically describing how we’re not from earth, no metaphors literally we’re not from earth.

Old Money – Time of Your Life (direct link)

“Cruel Summer” sample. Says what it needs to say. Clocks in under 2 minutes. Blaow!

That’s it! Dropbox will be back in two to three weeks or so.