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Debroka 6th Gear Remix Artwork

Debroka’s latest remix of Diplo & Alvaro’s “6th Gear” is a real keister shaker. Injecting the original some with serious NOLA bounce heat, Debroka turns “6th Gear” into high energy dance floor destruction. Disclaimer: we won’t be held responsible for any bodily injuries that may result from listening and dancing to this song.


Drippin is a producer/dj from Bergen, Norway who makes some of the best vibesfilled club music we heard lately with his intriguing blend of strange melodies and hard hitting, eerie club sounds.

His debut EP “Silver Cloak” will drop November 11 on Lit City Trax and it has already garnered support from Diplo, Evian Christ, Nguzunguzu, Fatima Al Qadiri etc.

This exclusive mix done for US boutique empire Opening Ceremony showcases his futuristic club sounds.