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“Vernaculo plays with words and globalized layers, using the reggaeton stylings of Future Brown featuring the hard-as-nails Dominican rhymes of Maluca. Presented in a skinline marketing context, the video is an observation of the senseless world of beauty advertising, positing Future Brown as a universal foundation for all.”

DJ Funeral

Oct 31 2011

The debut EP from mysterious producer DJ Funeral – “Last Breath” – drops today on new Los Angeles label Body High (brainchild of Samo Sound Boy and Jerome of LOL Boys). When you hear it you’ll see that it’s an obvious choice of releasedate. This is some evil, twisted club music that will have you bouncing off the walls or maybe just banging your head against the speaker of the nearest dark, cavernous club.


BONUS: The aptly titled and apocalyptic “Hits from the gRAVE” mix that he did for DIS Magazine has been described as: “It’s the best mix in the history of all sound – including the big bang!”

DJ FUNERAL – Hits from the gRAVE by DISmagazine

Brenmar is about to unleash his mighty debut EP “At It Again” right here on Discobelle Records, December 7th is the day, in order to tide you over until that glorious day we present you with his mix/podcast for XLR8R Magazine which is filled to the brink with fresh jams and exclusive edits to have you dancing for days.

“Bill Salas is a Chicago boy through and through. Sure, the producer better known as Brenmar resides in Brooklyn these days, but his tracks clearly demonstrate that the guy brought his hometown’s love of hip-hop, R&B, house, and juke along with him. Over the past year, he’s built a name for himself on the back of bootleg remixes of DJ Deeon, Cassie, and Aaliyah, not to mention a few of his own originals. Early next month, he’ll be dropping an official release—the At It Again EP on Discobelle—but that’s just the beginning; another single is planned for Ikonika and Optimum’s Hum and Buzz imprint, as are collaborative efforts with LA duo Nguzunguzu and Washington producer Cedaa. (The latter project is known as Amber, and the collabo’s first offering appears right here on this mix.) On top of his work in the studio, Brenmar is also in the process of starting up a NY version of London party So Bones. (The UK edition is headed up by Robin Carolan of Tri Angle Records and 20 Jazz Funk Greats.) Given his busy schedule, it’s borderline miraculous that we pinned Brenmar down long enough to put together this exclusive mix for the XLR8R podcast series, and it’s fair to say that he’s gone above and beyond our expectations. To be honest, we would have been pleased with a standard-issue DJ mix, but Brenmar included several new edits, all of which are exclusive to the podcast and will never appear anywhere else. On top of that, he even took our (admittedly dated) podcast intro and fashioned his own remix out of it! Oh yeah, he also found the time to tour through UK bass, house, hip-hop, R&B, and more. The transitions are quick and Brenmar serves up plenty of different flavors, but we’re happy to taste them all.”

XLR8R Magazine Podcast #173: Brenmar

BONUS: His remix for Teengirl Fantasy just went up over at DIS Magazine.

Teengirl Fantasy – Dancing (Brenmar remix) (direct link)

Tracklist for the mix after the jump.

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If you, like me, are better off alone, plan to stay at home and drink by yourself instead of partying with the other cool kids in some fancy club tonight then this is the soundtrack you need. The tapedeck does def. not receive enough electricity and the world is dragged out of its mind. It brings out melancholy and calms me down. Ravers, sit the fuck down for a sec and stay wif me.

Go check out DIS Magazine for something to read if the music becomes too intense.

Salem – Raver Stay Wif Me (direct dowload via DIS)