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Another track emerges from the upcoming DJ Kicks album by Spaniard John Talabot, “Tempel Rymtik – Anagram” is an exquisite tribalistic dark house track and here’s what John had to say about it: “This is the exclusive track I produced with Alexander Berg from the mighty swedish duo Genius of Time. He’s one of the most talented people I ever met and was a pleasure working in Berlin with him. Really looking forward to do some more tracks with him”.

Nothing to see here here but Motor City Drum Ensemble making us all collectively look bad by putting out abnormally productive levels of music.

See: His recent Boiler Room Mix (now with tracklist for all those obsessively trying to piece it together in forums and facebook threads)

Also see: recent podcast for Midi Deux that showcases everything lovable about Danilo Plessow.

Motor City Drum Ensemble – Mini-Deux Podcast #50 – November 2011 by R_co

If all that’s not enough, you owe it to yourself to get his recent DJ Kicks compilation, hands down the best mix CD I’ve heard in 2011.

Stuttgart producer Motor City Drum Ensemble (AKA Danilo Plessow) reworks the track “Le Cortège Et Course” (originally done by French film music composer Philippe Sarde and taken from the 1972 film “Cesar et Rosalie”). This fun edit pulsates with a steady beat and a twisting flute loop which is all broke off with high pitched shrieks. This is the exclusive full length version which can only be found on the double vinyl LP of the just released Motor City Drum Ensemble DJ-Kicks compilation.

Philippe Sarde – Le Cortège Et Course (MCDE Extended Edit) (ge.tt)