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NYC dj Mike Q receives a big feature in the latest issue of Playground Mag, check it out over here and grab the download of the exclusive mix he made for the magazine below.

“I recorded the mix here in Berlin, didn’t take long as I knew what I wanted to do already. It’s basically a highlight of the many talents in and outside of the ballroom scene, I mostly highlighted music based around my Qween Beat team, just to give people a taste of what’s coming from us in 2013, be ready!”

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/62160824″ iframe=”true” /]

BONUS: Download his recent remix of Madonna’s ballroom-borrowing “Vogue” below.

Tracklist and tourdates for his upcoming European tour can be found after the jump.

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Tough to pick favorites in this mix, front to back filled with exclusive jaw droppers. A Kingdom remix of the criminally overlooked Mariah Carey + Nicki Minaj collaboration?! New material from NGUZUNGUZU’s upcoming EP on Fade to Mind and DJ MikeQ? A military ode to vogue offered amongst flying bullets and exploding percussion in the form of “Wartime HA”? Yeah, sounds like they’re all going to be my favorite forever.

Kingdom: Fade To Mind Mix (via Mixcloud)

Best described by Kingdom himself:

This mix marks the inauguration of my new label Fade to Mind, and its first release, Nguzunguzu’s Timesup EP. It contains songs from that EP as well as my upcoming single for Fool’s Gold, “Take Me” featuring Naomi Allen of Electrik Red, among other exclusive tracks and edits from the Fade To Mind universe. Singular subwoofer visions, sideways club trax, and darksided R&B dubs.

Continuing in their tradition of excellently curated video content, Network Awesome is hosting the absolutely classic “Paris Is Burning” documentary, chronicling New York’s vogue scene in the late 80s. While paying homage to the scene that influenced an unimaginable amount of the music we enjoy today, they’ve also gone the extra mile and hosted an interview with East Coast superstar DJ MikeQ, who’s at the forefront of some fantastic new ballroom productions in New Jersey and New York these days.

MikeQ describes as ballroom as “weird, cunty, sometimes hard-hitting, dramatic, repetitious, half club/half house beats”, and that’s just scratching the surface. Watch the Paris Is Burning documentary if you haven’t already, and then read on for some insight into ballroom history from MikeQ.

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MikeQ has also put together a fantastic mix of ballroom beats that you can grab from Network Awesome, scroll down after the interview to download the mix.

DJ MikeQ – Let It All Out Mix (via Network Awesome)

ps- this is also happening soon.

New Jersey resident DJ MikeQ Is one of the leading figures of the East Coast’s long-running (but still largely underground) ballroom/vogue-house scene. Only 25 and he’s already been touted as somewhat of a legend in the ballroom scene, with re-edits and remixes of tons of classic house material that are reworked into a sparse and jarring dance music.

Maurcia feels like a homage to the vogue scene, as MikeQ hands over the mic to Maurcia Rodriguez, a self-described “transexual from the Lower East Side… which means I’m living inside what used to be a man’s body”

Maurica lays down some real talk about being able to still dudes at basketball, being self conscious about one’s feet, breast enhancement surgery, tranny parties, vegetarianism, and a perfect date including playing Atari on a first date and watching some new Tyler Perry movies. In the background, MikeQ sweats out some stabby, percussion that compliments the vocals perfectly.

But underneath the lightheartedness of some of her lyrics, Maurica’s assertion that “this healthcare situation is ridiculous” still hits a nerve as a reflection on the way that adequate healthcare still remains pretty inaccessible to a lot of trans folks.

Keep your eye out for many more big productions coming from DJ MikeQ soon, including what we can only imagine will be a monstrous remix of Egyptrixx’s “Liberation Front”.

DJ MikeQ ft. Maurcia Rodriguez – Maurica (Mediafire)