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The latest Deadfish Podcast comes from Vancouver based DJ/Producer, Neoteric. He’s made two mixes, a ‘DEEP’ side perfect for winter, and a pounding, bass-heavy ‘CLUB’ side.

“There’s just too much good music out there! I had to make two mixes. The first is a bit deeper, some grown up house, but it’ll still make your feet move. The 2nd is some hype ass club shit! But all of these are amazing tracks, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! Listen for some big demos and exclusives scattered throughout! Also in January stay tuned for Wax Motif & Neoteric – ‘Springer EP’ on Top Billin (Listen to the Nacey remix of Springer on the latest Sound Pellegrino Podcast). Then we’ve got my compilation ‘Turned On: Vol 2’ dropping on Discobelle Records shortly after. And finally, in early April Southern Fried Records brings you Wax Motif & Neoteric’s ‘Go Deep’ EP! Thanks for listening!”

Pt 1 DEEP Download (mediafire)

Pt 2 CLUB Download (mediafire)

We are giving away another track from the “Turned On Vol. 1 Compilation” that our man Neoteric put together and was released on Discobelle Records last month.

All you got to do in order to get the track “Plz Let Mi Fuk Ya” from Brodinski & Radioclit is to pay for it with a tweet (if you are not on Twitter you can pay for it with a post on Facebook. Click this link or use the button below and get twittering!

Also check out the whole compilation on Beatport. Diplo just charted one of the tracks on his July chart.

And check out this link for more info on the album and get a track from Nadastrom.

The Turned On vol. 1 compilation that Neoteric put together for us is now available in all stores. The first track on the compilation is the John Roman remix of Nadastrom‘s track “Save Us” and we are giving it away for free today. But there are 16 more tracks on this killer compilation. Go get them on Juno, Beatport, Amazon, Boomkat or where ever you buy your music.

01. Nadastrom Save Us (John Roman Nigerian Dub) (direct link)
02. Mikix The Cat – Hot Block
03. Expendable Youth – Cannibalistic
04. Sharkslayer – Hammerhead (Dub)
05. Noob – Warehouse
06. Gingy – Thermite
07. Brodinski ft Radioclit – Plz Let Mi Fuk Ya
08. Schlachthofbronx – Ayoba (Highbloo Remix)
09. Will Bailey – Slap
10. Knight Riderz – Party Alarm
11. Kid Kaio – SaxTape
12. Milt Mortez – Pluto
13. Dem Slackers – Illindian
14. One Nil – Congo Static
15. NT89 & Sick Boy – Delerium
16. No Hedgehogs – Square Square Everywhere
17. Crookers – Natural Born Hustler (Savage Skulls Remix) (Bonus track in some regions)

Turned On Vol. 1 (compiled by Neoteric) hit Beatport today with a bang! 17 tracks from some of the best new artists out there right now collected on one wicked compilation. With talent like Crookers, Brodinski, Radioclit, Nadastrom, Mikix The Cat, Schlachthofbronx, Savage Skulls and many many more we just can’t go wrong. Neoteric put together one of the best compilation we have seen in a long time. We are really proud of doing this with him.

We also want to give something back to all you loyal readers when we release a monster like this. So we got two remixes of one of the tracks on the compilation. It’s Samo Sound Boy and upcoming Discobelle Records artist LOL Boys who have put their touch to the mega bang0r “Cannibalistic” by Expendable Youth.

Go buy the whole compilation on Beatport to support Discobelle Records and all the artists on it.

Expendable Youth – Cannibalistic (Samo Sound Boy Remix) (direct link)

Expendable Youth – Cannibalistic (LOL Boys Remix) (direct link)

Go to Beatport.com Get These Tracks Add This Player

Artwork by Joel Lee

After the great success of the Mystery Mix competition on Discobelle that we did together with DJ Neoteric (DJ/Producer and A&R for Dubsided) the idea for making it into a compilation came up, since most of the tracks were unreleased. It later grew into something bigger where Neoteric dug in his vaults, and put his ears to the street to gather this collection of great club tracks from friends and artists he’s been working with over the years. There’s something for everyone on this compilation, from speaker mashers, to house groovers, to pounding techno music, this compilation has it all! With early support for Crookers, Annie Mac, Brodinski, Jaymo & Andy George, MSTRKRFT, LA Riots, Malente and many others! Keep an eye out for its release, May 18th!

“The compilation rocks and Crookers are the biggest Italian Funky pizza ever!” /Crookers

“This is simply SICK …love so many tracks on it!!” /Brodinski

Turned On: Vol 1 (Compiled by Neoteric). Release Date: May 18th, 2010 on Beatport.


01. Nadastrom Save Us (John Roman Nigerian Dub)
02. Mikix The Cat – Hot Block
03. Expendable Youth – Cannibalistic
04. Sharkslayer – Hammerhead (Dub)
05. Noob – Warehouse
06. Gingy – Thermite
07. Brodinski ft Radioclit – Plz Let Mi Fuk Ya
08. Schlachthofbronx – Ayoba (Highbloo Remix)
09. Will Bailey – Slap
10. Knight Riderz – Party Alarm
11. Kid Kaio – SaxTape
12. Milt Mortez – Pluto
13. Dem Slackers – Illindian
14. One Nil – Congo Static
15. NT89 & Sick Boy – Delerium
16. No Hedgehogs – Square Square Everywhere
17. Crookers – Natural Born Hustler (Savage Skulls Remix) (Bonus track in some regions)

Heres the sampler, which features a taste of all 17 tracks!


Also, Neoteric made a new mix to promote the compilation, featuring a bunch of new tracks, exclusives, and of course, a few tracks from the compilation!

Neoteric – May 2010 ‘Turned On!’ Promo Mix (Mediafire)

Tracklisting: (after the jump)
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mystery mix cover

Discobelle.net and DJ Neoteric present… THE MYSTERY MIX!

What happens when you unleash a MONSTER of a mixtape, filled with unreleased tracks from many of the biggest names and labels in the game, and a few unknown future stars? Generally everyone hits Google in a frenzied attempt to track down the whole playlist. But, what if one had to do more work to find out just what these tracks were? Welcome to The Mystery Mix, an internet scavenger hunt for music fiends!

The hunt for the tracklist of The Mystery Mix starts today and continues until the puzzle is solved. Over time, we will be revealing clues to help listeners figure out the tracklisting. For example, we may twitter a YouTube clip of one of the songs being played live, or drop a hint within a blog post on Discobelle. You may find a mention about a song in question on the website of one of the labels involved, or have to go digging around MySpace or Facebook to find the answer you’re looking for!

As fun as this is for any die hard music fan, we’ve got to reward you for all your hard work, so we have put together a massive prize pack for the winner! We have a $100 gift certificate from the fine folks at Mishka NYC, and a brand new Sony Ericsson W995 cell phone, courtesy of Sony Ericsson!!



1. Download the Mystery Mix (direct link) (alt mediafire link file should be 88.6 MB and 77:25 in length)
2. Do some investigating and start piecing the tracklist together
3. Send your complete tracklisting to mysterymix@discobelle.net. The first fully correct answer wins the prize!

Mystery Mix Tracklist

01. Track 1 (0:05 – 2:30)
02. Track 2 (2:31 – 5:49)
03. Track 3 (5:50 – 9:07)
04. Track 4 (9:08 – 12:35)
05. Track 5 (12:36 – 15:07)
06. Track 6 (15:08 – 17:19)
07. Track 7 (17:20 – 19:37)
08. Track 8 (19:38 – 21:51)
09. Track 9 (21:52 – 24:35)
10. Track 10 (24:36 – 26:04)
11. Track 11 (26:05 – 28:29)
12. Track 12 (28:30 -30:29)
13. Track 13 (30:30 – 33:33)
14. Track 14 (33:34 – 36:22)
15. Track 15 (36:23 – 40:24)
16. Track 16 (40:25 – 43:47)
17. Track 17 (43:48 – 47:36)
18. Track 18 (47:37 – 50:50)
19. Track 19 (50:51 – 54:50)
20. Track 20 (54.55 – 58:20)
21. Track 21 (58:21 – 61:18)
22. Track 22 (61:19 – 66:03)
23. Track 23 (66:04 – 67:55)
24. Track 24 (67:56 – 71:00)
25. Track 25 (71:01 – 75:07)
26. Track 26 (75:08 – END)

Now that you’ve got the idea, there’s a bit of info to get you started after the jump:

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Rainy sunday here in Sweden and there not much too besides glancing at the Olympics on the TV but fortunately we have a ton of great stuff in the Discobelle mailbox.

Today we got two excellent mixes for you, the first one comes from Vancouver super dj Neoteric (here’s his massive Mixin’ It Up) who gives us: “a new mix for your consideration filled with the latest and greatest. Certified Bangin!” and the second mix filled with exclusive bassline tracks comes courtesy of DJ Absurd. Tracklists after the jump.

DJ Neoteric – August 2008 mix (zShare)

DJ Absurd – Bassline Narvalo mix (Bassline 4×4) (Divshare)

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After the much appreciated Mixin’ It Up that DJ Neoteric did for us a few months ago, he’s slowly been gaining momentum and is now back with a bang. Upon his return to Discobelle we’ve got not just one mix but two of his mixes. One of them is a mix for the XMU In-Deed radio show and the other one is his March mix. Both of them are chokeful of stellar tracks from all your favorite big time dj’s and producers. And as a bonus we got a break off track from one of the mixes, a remix of the Blaq Starr track “Blaw” (that’s only been shipped out to dj’s so far). DJ Neoteric will be in California for a few dates in the upcoming two weeks, among them Banana Split Sundays with Mike B and Still Fucking Awesome with Franki Chan. Enjoy the tunes, people!

DJ Neoteric – XMU In-Deed Mix (zShare)


01. Oli Maxwell – Freak Hoes
02. Fully Fitted – 100 Million
03. Blaqstarr – Blaow! (Neo’s Attack of the Edits)
04. Dave Nada – Kanye B. Rockin
05. James Nasty – You So Hawt
06. Krames – Sound of the Police
07. Salt N Pepa – Push It (Scottie B Remix)
08. Sex Krazed Superstars – Feelin Horny ft Dj Trajic & Anastasia
09. 740 Boyz – Shimmy Shake
10. The Count of Monte Cristal vs DJ Funk – Bounce That Ass
11. The Count and Sinden – Beeper ft Kid Sister
12. The Count and Sinden – Beeper (A-Trak Remix)
13. Kudu – Lets Finish (Sinden remix)
14. Wiley – Wearin My Rolex
15. Shawty Lo – Dey Know (Mano Remix)
16. Top Billin – Do You Wanna Party

DJ Neoteric – March 2008 mix (direct link)


01 – The Mystery Jets – Hideaway (Switch Remix)
02 – The Presets – My People (D.I.M Remix)
03 – SLUTTT – Stop Copyin Me (Jokers of the Scene Remix)
04 – Jokers of the Scene – Yall Know the Name (Flosstradamus Remix)
05 – Goose – Bring It On (JFK Remix)
06 – Voodoo Chilli – Turn It Up (Jack It)
07 – Crookers – Knobbers
08 – South Rakkas Crew – Mad Again (Fake Blood Remix)
09 – The Count and Sinden – Beeper (Fake Blood Remix)
10 – Bart B.More – Killin It
11 – Matt Nordstrom – Ritalin
12 – The Black Ghosts – Face (Switch Remix)
13 – Dub Pistols – Open (Trevor Loveys Mix)
14 – Andy George – Big Dipper (Hijack Remix)
15 – Bulgarian & Spoek – Jack It Like a Zombie (Santiago and Bushido Remix)
16 – Foamo – Movin It Over Here
17 – VNDLSM – Low Pro
18 – Heartsrevolution – Switchblade (LA Riots Remix)
19 – Supreeme – Who We Are (Royal Rumble Remix)
20 – Buy Now – Body Crash (JFK Edit)
21 – Crookers – Thunderstruck

Bonus break off track:

Blaqstarr – Blaw! (Neo’s Let The Attack Begin Edit) (zShare)