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Weekend saved, thanks to one of our favorite dj’s – DJ Slow!

“yooo, so here is the first chapter of this new monthly mix series: AS THE WORLD TURNS SLOW. I hope you will enjoy this mix, it contains a lot of the tracks I’ve been feeling recently as well as a couple of older favorites. It was recorded live late at night at the duval house ; using two CDJ-850’s and one DJM-850. shout outs to my neighbors, my friends and all the artists involved in this mix <3 <3 <3”


DJ Slow obliterates Tammany Hall in NYC with this set taken from when he attended Red Bull Music Academy in NYC back in May 2013.

“If Thomas Duval was a barbecue, he’d be pulled pork. If he was an over-the-counter medicine, he’d be cough syrup…”