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Glen Brady (also known as DJ Wool) has spent the last couple of years in California as an audio engineer in the classical music world, he has recently toured as a member of D.A.R.K. with band members Dolores O’Riordan (The Cranberries) and Andy Rourke (The Smiths). He also mixed their debut album “Science Agrees” and last year he toured in support of The Cranberries as a member of D.A.R.K. He used to live in Berlin where he churned out hard-hitting tracks, before that he was in NYC duo The Glass and up to this date he’s amassed a massive resume with remixing and production credits for a vast array of artists including Spoek Mathambo, Todd Terry, Far East Movement, REM, Jagz Kooner, Howie B, Tittsworth and many more.

He has now relocated to Ireland where he recently performed an all hardware set on synths, samplers, drum machines and fx at the Body & Soul Festival. Fortunately, someone pressed the record button and we all are now able to hear this beauty of a set, listen and enjoy breaks, acid bleeps, housed up jams and banging left-field techno in a set done by a maestro. Also, be on the lookout for new releases from DJ Wool on My Techno Weighs a Ton and Soleid.

For the avid reader of Discobelle, the name DJ Wool should be associated with superb dj sets (he’s a former DMC champion) and seriosuly bumping tracks on labels such as Top Billin, Plant Music, Discobelle Records etc. along with being a member of popular indie/dance duo The Glass. He’s also a maestro in the mixing/production room having worked with the likes of REM, Dolores O’Riordan (The Cranberries), Spoek Mathambo, Todd Terry, Far East Movement, Herbert Gronemeyer, Jagz Kooner, Howie B, Andy Rourke (The Smiths), Tittsworth and many more.

After spending time in New York and Berlin, Dublin born DJ Wool has relocated to Northern California where he’s working as an audio engineer and has also been hard at work in his studio with new album “A Life In Breaks” which will be released on October 21st via NYC label Dither Down.

This absolutely astounding and warm, organic sounding mix for us sees him exploring breaks, minimal and ambient AKA “Ambi-Rock” and it’s inspired by what made him start his music career back in the 90’s.

San Francisco based Suburban Dance Club (also known as DJ Wool) gets involved with the TT Testar Musik project and remixes the dreamlike pop single “Summer Of Tick Bugs” from Britta Persson, Daniel Gilbert and Jepson into a beautiful, organic and soulful sounding house track.

The exclusive vinyl single was released last week in 100 copies, 40 of these are available via tictail.se, 20 copies each are sold at Pet Sounds in Stockholm, Bengans in Gothenburg and Folk å Rock in Malmö. The single costs 50 SEK with all proceeds going to the Black Sheep music projects for kids.

The legend known as DJ Wool may have moved back to the US but that doesn’t stop him from coming back to Europe to once again spread his gospel at the clubs over here.

To coincide with the tour we get this flairfilled and houselaced mix full of exclusives and unreleased tracks that is the perfect companion to pretty much any occasion. As an added bonus, check out his Disco Of Doom remix that will be on their fortcoming Discobelle Records EP being released early 2012.


Discobelle fam DJ Wool drops an EP for our fellow Scandinavian homies in Finnish crew Top Billin, this may be “house music for mature audiences” but it will still burn a hole right through the hearts of dancefloors.

“I started this track ‘SF 94’ last summer when I was feeling nostalgic about a summer I spent dancing in the clubs of San Francisco during the summer of 1994. It was kind of an ode to that young innocent boy from Ireland coming out to the west coast of America in search of House Music, Drugs and Skateboarding. Little did I know I’d move back to SF almost 20 years later to avoid the chilling Berlin winter… This one’s for my adoptive city by the bay. I found what I was looking for.”

Download: DJ Wool – SF 94 (ge.tt)

Wool – SF 94 – out Nov 9 2011 on Top Billin’ by djwool

Long ago, in a time before CDJ’s, DJ Controllers, Final Scratch and Serato, DJ Wool (half of The Glass and beatmaker for our recent Spoek collaboration) put together a bedroom apartment mix on a stupidly hot summer day in 2002, recorded from vinyl, using an MPC1000 for samples and a Digitech fx unit onto an Adat.

The tracks are a mixed bag of music that at the time were called “new school breaks” (though now, using the term ‘new school’ for something released in 2002 feels a bit strange) andd early 90’s hardcore/pre drumnbass.

Loaded with white label cuts, you can hear some DJ Phantasy, R&S Records, Ills, 2 Bad Mice, DJ ICEE, Squarepusher, Marine Parade, Krafty Kuts, Stanton Warriors, as well as lots of forgotten, misplaced or now-warped-beyond-recognition records. In addition, NYC Early Graffiti Writer Phase provides an intro that makes you feel like right at home in another era of dance music. Grab it below!

2002 Vinyl New & Old School Breaks Mix by djwool