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Hamburg based house producer/dj Doctor Dru is one of favorite producers with a remarkable track record of original tracks and remixes that nestles their way into your brain but also to the dancefloor, his latest mix done in Bogotá when on tour is pure deep house bliss.

“I did this mix in my hotelroom after a long walk through the streets of Bogotá. Bogotá has a very unique atmosphere. It’s one of the highest situated capitals in the world. I was wandering through the streets with my headphones on feeling dizzy from the height grasping for some oxygene surrounded by the loud pumping streetlife of the city.”


Me and Niklas made a mix for the show Musikguiden i P3 on Swedish national radio P3.

The concept of the mix was to say goodbye to the exquisite summer that we had this year and to be prepared for the upcoming bleakness known as autumn, we’ve filled an hour with deep and dark techno/house which includes tracks from Riva Starr, DJ Nibc, Franskild and Monkey Safari along with remixes from the likes of Dixon, Doctor Dru, Forrest, Maya Jane Coles etc. Tune in and enjoy!

Lyssna: Musikguiden i P3 med DJ Martin Andersson och Niklas Mijdema 20130912 22:03