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We have an exciting premiere with this video for the lush sounding remix from Stockholm based producer/artist Sailor & I of Russian duo Sex Of Insects’ new single “Om Nah Omn” (will be released on April 13th via Ylotana Music, additional remixes comes from dOP, ONO and Anatoly Ylotana.

The video is filled with psychedelic, crazy costumes along with dreamlike, tripped out visuals to illustrate what could be the soundtrack of your dreams.

Brand new imprint Happy Camper Records (founded by Britta Arnold, unders and Noraj Cue) drops new single “Time To Waste” (pre-order here) courtesy of Bar25 legend, KaterBlau resident and Berlin mainstay Jake The Rapper. The American-born singer/dj/producer has been in Germany long enough now to understand the art of making an “Ohrwurm” (=earworm) – “Time To Waste” is one of those tunes that keeps resonating inside your head long after you’ve heard it. With its thumping beat, catchy vocals and roaring synthline, it’s bound to set any dancefloor ablaze.

Although many believe “Time To Waste” is a love song, Jake actually wrote it for his friends:

“I was at Kater one morning, getting tired of the cyclicality of raving, thinking I really ought to go home and kiss my wife, take care of my kids, get some sleep, get my life together and get some music done. Some friends wanted me to stay and keep dancing. I was like: ‘If I had any time to waste, I’d waste it with you. But I don’t so… Bye!'”

As is the custom in the Happy Camper family, a string of befriended producers have provided their own interpretations to the original track.

The stunning remix from acclaimed French outfit dOP that we here at Discobelle can exclusively premiere settles for no less than a mesmerizing synth combined with acid bleeps and an absolutely relentless and stomping bassline.

Mysterious Berlin based producer Claptone delivers another absolute belter of a track, the hypnotic and beautiful anthem “Dear Life” (drops May 22nd) is a first class deep house offering and a taste of his upcoming full length album. The track features the soulful vocal offerings of French singer Jaw (1/3 of dOP, the duo previously worked together on the huge single “No Eyes”).

Hard to believe that it’s been almost two years of consecutively released Round Table Knights mixes – and every time they employ a unique, carefree and consistently bumping dance music coming from all corners of the world. Whether it’s the peach tinted hazy electronic glow of Tangerine Dream’s “Love On A Real Train” or the gothic but jacking Art Department remix of new DoP, there are plenty of summer gems to be found within, not to mention two new Round Table Knights remixes that you can listen to here before hearing it anywhere else.

Round Table Knights – Summer Mix 2011 (download from RTK website)

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