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Juli 24th, 1374 in Aix-La-Chapelle, Aachen, Germany. The plague is wreaking havoc and tearing up deep, puss filled wounds in a Europe where no one stands unaffected. Meanwhile, reports are pouring in on a new plague. A disease that would become known as St. John’s Dance. A defilement that is born in the filth in the homes of the poor. A defilement that flourishes in old, moldy bread and dried meat. With foam in the corner of their mouths and symptoms such as hallucinations, spasms, fever, dizziness and derangement, huge crowds of infected people gather on the streets and at town squares to dance together in uncontrollable chaos. This display continues until they all, one by one, collapse from exhaustion and fall to the ground in epileptic-like convulsions. No one is spared from the infection. Men, women and children are, by eyewitness accounts, falling into trance, totally disconnected from the rest of the world. They neither see, hear, nor react to anything other than the psychotic dance that has them enslaved.

During the 1800:s, St. John’s Dance is practically wiped out. Up until the spring of 2010, when everything changes overnight. A loaf of sour dough bread in a bread canister is far passed its expiration date at Hotel Maria Plaza, Stockholm, Sweden, while the young artist Dida has roamed the city for days without a bite to eat. He quickly throws together a sandwich, chows down and immediately vanishes into the world of dreams. The following day as he opens his drowsy eyes, he is met by itching boils and a runny nose. He brushes it off as a simple cold and jumps on a train on the Blue Line to meet up with his comrades Luca, Adam Tensta and Eboi. This proves to to be a fatal decision. The rebirth of the misery is a fact and the four men strong congregation is now the supreme reason that St. John’s Dance once again has its grip on Europe.

The EP “Justus Hecker Wants Us Dead” is out now!

One of Sweden’s most talented rappers – Eboi, and one of Sweden’s most innovative electro producers – Sophie Rimheden, have put their excellent skills together and made a just perfect track – “Whiz Kid”.

Eboi has become a well-known artist over the past two years while performing and touring with Adam Tensta. He is a gifted rapper with a Southern accent and combines impressive flows with complex lyrics.

Sophie Rimheden has made four electronica albums and is working on a new album right now. She enjoys mixing different styles to produce something new and interesting.

(You can hear some vocal parts from the singer in Bob Hund if you listen carefully!)


I’m on a train, travelling home from Stockholm, and I’m feeling some what lazy so I will just steal the promo stuff I got for this one.

“Hey hey! We’re about to continue our journey in the US… virtually this time though. A new track from Eboi featuring non other than Adam Tensta and sizzling US rapper Hunt is attached in this email. Feel free to forward the song to anyone that might be interest, put it on your blog and spin it at your local club.”

Eboi (ft. Adam Tensta & Hunt) – That’s Right (zShare)