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OH NO! August is almost over! But hang tight guys let’s celebrate the last few days of this glorious 31-day month with an exclusive mix from Belgium’s Compuphonic. This 12-track mix is truly gut wrenching, opening with a piano driven remix of Kiwi’s “Mayfly” by Compuphonic himself. Balearic meets house with moody string arrangements in this mix perfect for an emotional dance floor release. Stream the mix below, which is also available as a free download.

1. Kiwi – Mayfly (Compuphonic Stringapella Mix)
2. Jimpster – Porchlight Rockingchairs
3. Claude Vonstroke – Can’t Wait
4. Turntable Orchestra – Youre Gonna Miss Me (Ejeca Remix)
5. Francesco Rossi – Paper Aeroplane (Mk Gone With the Wind Remix)
6. Lane 8 – Be Mine (Original Mix)
7. Gringo Grinder – Dirty Deeds (Ada Remix)
8. Pitto – You
9. Joris Voorn – Ringo
10. Louie Austen – Hoping (Herbert’s High Dub)
11. Kiani & his Legion – Legions from the East
12. Kiwi – Mayfly Feat. Amy Skippings (Compuphonic Dub)

Bonus: Kiwi – Mayfly Feat. Amy Skippings (Compuphonic Remix) – out on Need Want Sept 9th

British singer John Newman is the voice behind Rudimental’s “Feel The Love” and “Not Giving In” and he’ll be releasing his debut solo single “Love Me Again” on Island June 30th.

As a Discobelle exclusive we get a pumping remix from Ejeca who hits hard on all the house chords: hi-hats, piano, bass, chopped up vocal samples and handclaps that all play off magnificentlly against John Newmans vocals.

BONUS: Check out the video for the original version.

Get ready to spin those pancakes!  We’ve got a whole whack of good tunes to have you both reflecting, dancing, and burning off those wretched “Thanksgiving” calories at the same time.

1. Tourist – “Your Girl”

London continues to prove it’s reign as the forefront of the today’s producer scene with Tourist, and his latest euphoric house track, “Your Girl”. Close your eyes as you listen to this emotional, chilled out tune.

2. Cassian – “On and On”

An artist that continues to shine through as a production genius, Cassian just released his latest house tune, “On and On” available with a free download on his Soundcloud. Download this for the sole reason that Soundcloud doesn’t have a repeat button…and you’re going to need it.

3. Wild Cub – “Straight No Turns” (Kisses Remix)

Nashville indie – pop outfit, Wild Cub, and Los Angeles duo Kisses have paired up on this fun little rework of Wild Cub’s latest, “Straight No Turns. We may have had a hand in this collaboration…

4. Lone – “Aquamarine”

Certainly not the newest song to ever hit the blogosphere, Lone’s brilliant original house track “Aquamarine” finds itself nestled at a burning 130BPM, yet plays as one of the most relaxing, meditative house songs ever produced.

5. Ejeca – “Night Rays”

“Keep your eye on Ejeca” – words that have seemed to run off our lips at every given opportunity. Loving this movement that Ejeca, Waze & Odyssey, and Feel My Bicep are all a part of right now…

6. Eats Everything – “Tone Music”

Eats Everything. The perfect way to round out this week’s ‘Friday Wrap. Get ready for some of that bass heavy house, with the pure intention of rumbling the closest dance floor.


1. Goldroom – “Sweetness Alive” feat. SLL

2. Good Night Keaton – “Next To Mexico” (Mighty Mouse Remix)

3. Viceroy – “While We’re In Love” (Amtrac Remix)

Interview: Ejeca

Nov 24 2012

Ejeca is one of the acts responsible for ushering in the revival of 90s house music. We first heard Ejeca on his collaboration with fellow Irish producer Bicep on “You,” an emotive track with echoing female vocals, bubbling synths, and woeful chords. His latest EP Horizon on Needwant Records is also full of vocal cutups with repetitive “whoos!” that will make you want to take it straight to the dance floor. We had the chance to chat with the man behind the moniker about his favorite records, his involved with Waze & Odyssey’s Street Tracks, and of course, his music.

Nancy: It’s become passé to try to put an artist into an one genre box, which is especially so with your music. How would you describe your sound and from where would you say you draw your inspiration?
Ejeca: Just house music, I try to move about from deeper stuff to garage within this bracket. People avoid putting music in genres, but with the amount of stuff about it has to be classified at some point or we would spend hours listening to music that doesn’t interest us. Although saying Burial is Dubstep is definitely wrong!

Nancy: What records were you listening to growing up?
Ejeca: When I was in primary school I was listening to albums like Prodigy – Music for the Jilted Generation & Fat of The Land. Chemical Brothers – Come With Us. As well as non-cool trance stuff like Chicane, Dario G’s and ATB albums. It would be easy for me to not admit this but I think it was important for me when I was young and learning what makes a dance track.

I remember buying a computer music magazine with the front page ‘How to make ATB – Till I Come’ . It was great to decipher it and discover how simple a hit can be. To be honest when I have a few beers at night I love getting the old nostalgia rush of listening to tracks like Chicane – Saltwater, as my friends will tell you when they are telling me to turn it off and wrestling the iPod from me.

Nancy: What for you is the most important element in a track?
Ejeca: Depends, I suppose that’s why electronic music is so interesting. It could a anything, beat, bass, melody, vocal.

I think the best tracks are the ones that have it all. When I make a track I start with the kick, snare/clap then work on the shuffle/hi-hats. I suppose this would be the most important for me.

Unlike other music where it’s very often a vocal chorus that is key, dance can we very subtle. It’s great listening to a track, then putting it on again and you don’t know why.

Nancy: How did you get involved with Waze & Odyssey’s label Street Tracks?
Ejeca: Firas mailed me a while ago after hearing my stuff. I had heard there tracks the few weeks before and was blown away by how simple and pumping they were, I jumped at the chance to work with them as they were the first producers bar Bicep that I thought were doing a similar thing to me. I was on the Bicep Vs EP with Serge on the other track so I was aware of the direction he was heading. I’m hoping to work closely with them next year on a new project.

Nancy: The Horizon EP and your latest released on Street Tracks sounds very different. Horizon is more minimalistic house while tracks like “Night Rays” have a more dance driven beat. Do you go into making each release with an overarching concept in mind? Can you tell me more about each?
Ejeca: I suppose Horizon is more sample based than Night Rays which has a lot of synths at work. Horizon was originally a two bar loop that I had on my computer for about 6 months, I dug it out one day and expanded it. Added my new favourite M1 synth to it and got it finished in about a day.

Night Rays I made one Friday when I was excited about going out that weekend for a boogie, I had the mental picture of a great looking rave girl on drugs swinging her hair in the air. The good thing about DJ’ing is that I get to see this in the flesh to the track, it’s great.

Belfast based house duo Bicep decided to shake things up a bit and try something a bit different for the release of their new 12″ single “You”, they teamed up with producer Ejeca for a track heavily inspired by the early 90s warehouse rave era but with a modern twist. Berlin producer and Panorama Bar resident dj Steffi is featured on the b-side with a fantastic technoish remix.

BONUS: Their recent mix of pumping old-school house done for The Fader.

“Whilst moving forward is essential in dance music, looking back is equally important. Digging through big ole’ dusty creates is a passion of ours and continuing on the theme of our recent track “$tripper” we’ve put together a mix of some of our favourite 90s inspired finds from the past two years! It’s a mixture of vinyl and some subtle edits which we recorded recently in London summing up what we feel is proper house music at it’s finest.”

BONUS 2: Their brand new mix made exclusively for We Love Space, Ibiza. Big one indeed.

“An exclusive mix for the crew over at We Love… where we’re holding a residency this summer at Space, Ibiza. Whilst the vibes in our room are a little more eclectic, we decided to go proper main room with this mix! Drawing from 25 years of club music – expect pianos, acid, big chords, sleazy vocals and even some proper techno!”