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New Arcades sounds like something emerging out of the darkness, bringing new and efferverscent ’80s tinged electro-pop sound. Maybe something along the lines of romantic space travel, of two people reaching across the galaxies to get to one another. OK that might be a little too cheeseball but that’s how listening to their debut EP makes me feel. Their six-track self-titled release inspires nostalgic memories of ’80s cinema and vintage synth sounds and brings them into a contemporary production setting. This is the soundtrack to fuel all your nights of summer love.

Let Em Riot is the brainchild of California producer Alan Oakes and just today he’s released his debut EP titled, Slashwave. Drawing on influences spanning 80s SynthPop to LA Dreamwave, Slashwave is five original tracks that are effortlessly indie cool yet carry an emotional resonance rare in synth music.

SlashWave was written and produced by Let Em Riot’s Alan Oakes, mixed by Chris Fudurich (Jimmy Eat World, Nada Surf, RX Bandits), and mastered by Bob DeMaa (Semisonic, The Rembrandts). Slashwave is out November 19th on Electronic Rumors.