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Our old comrade Nick Catchdubs (yeah, one of the founders of NYC label Fool’s Gold Records and all around amazing fella) recently released his single “UFO Style”, and it’s an immediately hypnotizing array of cut-up beats, chopped vocals and buzzing synths.

“I love old records but have no interest in making retro songs. I’m energized by the spirit of New York you hear in Malcolm McLaren’s “Duck Rock” and Jive Ryhythm Trax, comic books and rave flyers, late night radio tapes and shitty drum machines… to Xerox that feeling would be boring. But putting my own spin on those inspirations is crazy exciting! ‘UFO Style’ is me wondering what it would sound like if The Orb made music for subway dancers. Please play it on a good system.”

Los Angeles producer Hoodboi has been described as one of the most promising artists in the electronic scene, new single “Glide” (just released via Fool’s Gold) features critically acclaimed Australian MC Tkay Maidza and pulls listeners into a uniquely smoothed-out zone of r&b mixed with house.

“Last year i took a couple steps back to realize what’s next for the hoodboi project. i spent the year writing music and working on new projects. i’ve never been more excited to show what’s next.”