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Southern Shores craft blissful balearic dreamscapes that will transport you to a lush and haunting secret world, suspended someplace between past, present and future. Sweet escape, piercing nostalgia, romance, fantasy and reality swirl together in the faint breezes of their intoxicating harmonies. Fluttering strings, blaring horns and twinkling keys mingle with plaintive far-off voices as crisp drums rustle underfoot in intricate tracks that reach deep within.

They made us this mix.

This mix underwent a wonderfully organic evolution throughout its creation. Originally conceived as an exploration of early balearic influences, we found a strong impulse of classic 90s garage beginning to creep in after a particularly raucous house party DJ set. The result is a meeting point between the two ideas and is probably better for it. Talk Talk B-sides meet Gabrielle and man we had a lot of fun making it :)
-Southern Shores


Tangerine Dream – Love On A Real Train
Luke – Heavens On Fire
Hot Natured feat. Ali Love – Forward Motion
Gabrielle – Sunshine
Luomo – Tessio
Glass Candy – Beautiful Object
Jacques Greene + Tinashe – Painted Faces
Holy Other – Held (Fort Romeau Remix)
Close – O S C A R
Captain Planet – Bokazo
Airbird & Napolian – Special
Talk Talk – Happiness Is Easy (Paul Webb and Lee Harris Dub)

Cardiff duo Face + Heel AKA Sinead Mcmillan and Luke Taylor come bursting from their hyped performance at Boiler Room and From supporting the likes of Matthew Dear, Blondes and Orbital. The duo are currently in the studio working on their second EP for Warm.

After the success and critical acclaim of their debut EP “No Stars”, it only seemed fitting for the remixes to ensue, Fort Romeau (you might know him as La Roux’s keyboardist/programmer and from his recent solo offering on 100% Silk) shows us his own distinctive old-school house twist on the track “One Hundred Years Deep” where he takes the blissful vocals of the original and pits them against a pulsating bassline and lush synths.