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FYF fest is back in Los Angeles on the 27th and 28th of this month, and we at Discobelle (at least the LA writers) consider it our civic duty to attend the festival as part of our summer festival run. With that in mind, we dove straight in to find our favorite tracks and videos by the artists on the lineup to show you why the festival is one of Los Angeles’ best.

5. Vince Staples

Staples has probably been at the top of our radar in West Coast Hip Hop game, sitting next to the guys at TDE and YG as one of the most exciting lyricists in the music game today period. Personally, I’ve seen him on a smaller venue and absolutely kill it. With the eclectic blend of humor, stark reality, and brilliant lyricism, Staples is sure to be a must watch at the show

4. Anohni

I remember first hearing Anohni’s stunning vocal work with Hercules and Love Affair. “Blind,” and subsequently the other tracks on the self-titled debut album of the group shaped a large portion of my musical taste and style and so when Anohni’s project came about, I knew it was going to be profound, moving, and intellectual. While the Anohni project is a far jump from the 2008 disco-influenced jams, her powerful music seems to resonate even further in 2016 and the effect she’s had on the music landscape is beautiful. She’s working on actively bringing diversity into entertainment, and her critically acclaimed work is proof that being true to ones self is key.

3. Corbin

Corbin’s singing captured the internet by storm circa 2013/2014 when he released grainy footage music videos like “Without You.” Donning a durag and walking through the snow, it wouldn’t be too strange to think that the artist then known as Spooky Black was bound for massive stardom. Admittedly he’s since been a little quiet, but that doesn’t mean the world isn’t eagerly waiting. Word is that a debut album is in the works, but fans that are eager for more in the meantime found solace in Thestand4rd, the Minnesota born group that consisted of Allen Kingdom, Bobby Raps, Psymun, and Corbin himself. It’ll be cool to see how time has influenced the young up-and-comer, and FYF will be the perfect landscape for this.

2. Kendrick Lamar

Okay, admittedly, I was incredibly tempted to put LCD Soundsystem as the second artist for this list, but at the end of the day, we’re in the city of LA, so we had to include the reigning king at the (almost) top of the list. Intimate shows by Lamar were provided at various moments in the last year and a half, but with the rigged system that is buying tickets online these days, we’re not confident too many people were able to see him. Personally, it’s been since 2013 that I was able to check him out on stage, so this one is an absolute must for everyone at FYF.

1. Grace Jones

You guys. Do I even have to explain?

Honorable Mentions; Young Thug, Kamaiyah, Denzel Curry, Father John Misty, Floating Points, Museum of Love.

I met Goldroom (aka Josh Legg) back in the beginning of 2013. I was fresh out of college and interning for his then management company, Josh was getting ready to release his single “Only You Can Show Me” and about to go on a small DJ tour. Fast forward two and a half years, we’re sitting on two fold out chairs in FYF’s media tent. Josh is just a couple hours away from performing one of the biggest shows of his career so far in the city that he calls home. “I really love the lineup, it’s funny that people are complaining about it, saying it’s not punk enough. To me it’s perfect.” The acts performing this year have faced scrutiny, many saying that FYF has been distancing itself from its local rock roots. “I love all these different genres, it’s great that they book my favorite folk artist and my favorite rapper and like 80’s chillwave artist.” Legg’s roots are planted deep in Los Angeles, he even named himself Goldroom after a bar in Echo Park, which is famous for its drink special. “I get a Tacate and a shot of tequila. It’s five dollars now, but I’m old enough to remember when it used to be three dollars.”

Watching the hundreds of 20-somthings sing along to him and his new six-piece backing band, it’s hard to imagine that just a short while ago music like this was hard to come by in LA. “You know, for years when I was running Binary, we were trying to push this synthy/songwriting sort of band sound and we were trying to play out. But I wasn’t friends with anyone at Dim Mak, I couldn’t get our band playing at Cinespia, so we were trying to throw our own shows at the Echoplex. The sound guys would look at us and be like “What the fuck are those synthesizers. Your can’t have keyboards on stage that’s not cool. You have a laptop?” They just did not get it.”


This was pre-Goldroom. Before parties like Private Label or festivals like CRSSD made it easier for indie-dance acts to get booked. “Everything changed when people like Ian McPherson and other promoters started to think that the kind of music we were making was cool, and they stared to book us. I developed friendships with all these really rad people and we were all making the same type of music. Bag raiders, Miami Horror, Plastic Plates and Le Youth are now in LA all of a sudden there’s this community. To be honest those are the people that influence and inspire me the most.”

Legg is hoping that a full length Goldroom album come to fruition in 2016. As I watch the crowd sway back and forth to both songs old and new, I have a feeling that whatever Legg decides to put out it’s going to be good.

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Bonus Questions
Favorite Taco in LA: Depends on the taco, if i’m getting a plain carne asada it’s Arizas right next to Lassens in Echo Park. Taco Zone is my favorite truck on the east side, but i’m like super generic and I really think Guisados has the best tacos in LA. The downtown one if the best one.
Quintessential LA song: “Nuthin’ But a “G” Thang”

This weekend I headed down to FYF and I gotta be honest, the slew of last minute cancellations left me with a funny feeling in my belly. Besides the whole Frank/Kanye diabolical, ultimate dad rock outfit Deerhunter wasn’t going to be there to perform one of my all time favorite albums, Halcyon Digest. Not to mention the tragic cancellation of Ben UFO and Joy Orbinson due to visa troubles. But despite all of that, I was presently surprised by the talent and minor changes the festival had put into action this year.

3The nightmare of last year was entering the arena, keeping the crowd barricaded outside until \finally opening the doors to a mob of angry festival goers. This year a separate entrance for the floor was put in place, and festival goers waited in a constantly moving line to enter. No panic attacks for this girl. The layout was no different than last year, and the trek from The Lawn (the second largest stage) to the Main Stage was long enough to make most attendees exhausted. Yet despite my aching feet, the diverse group of artists and positive energy of the crowd kept my spirits high. I saw so many wonderful and talented people, but somehow I narrowed my favorites down to five. Check out my quick recap of each after the jump, and get ready for a wild ride.

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FYF is quickly approaching, and us here in LA (we’re Lauren and Kristi btw, hi!) have a serious case of butterflies. FYF has always prided itself on it’s eclectic lineup, spanning across genres seamlessly while featuring up-and-comers and seasoned vets alike. This year is no different, so we’ve rounded up some artists that we’re most excited to see this year and also when and where to catch them! Check out the list after the jump.

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