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Oct 28 2013

As the toothpaste tube of net art is rolled and squeezed for every last skerrick of minty irreverence by a generation of Tumblr-addicted liberal arts students who haven’t actually even seen Hackers, we see Gatekeeper, one of the scene’s self-adopted flag bearers, pushing off into new aesthetic realms. And this realm sounds very rad indeed.

Premiered last week on Dummy, Gatekeeper’s Imperatrix, is the first slice from a forthcoming release entitled Young Chronos – the Greek god of time for all y’all Philhellenisists out there… agape, innit.

The EP cover, by renowned surrealist painter Jaroslaw Kukowski, is more aligned with the hand-painted dreamscapes you might spot on the cover of an airport fantasy novel than the jumble of hyper sensorial Psy-Fi that Gatekeeper have generated to date.

With Imperatrix, obvious comparisons can be made to that famous opera scene from The Fifth Element but don’t let a dated reference dissuade you from diving into some shareware techno. 150 BPM rave is the sound of now because the Gatekeeper says so. You better start enjoying it.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/116682665″ width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Young Chronos is out via Pirate Bay Torrent on November 11th. Better update your Adlib Pro drivers.



NYC based production duo Gatekeeper follow up their “Exo” album release with the unveiling of a pair of free to download remixes of recent single “Tree Drum” from LA Fade To Mind labelmate Total Freedom and UNO NYC signee Gobby. They both churn out remixes with a basis on demented and tweaked beats, albeit the end results differ.