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Sunday listening courtesy of British dj/producer DJ Umb from Generation Bass.

“80’s Lebanese music is still considered by many in the Arab world as part of The Golden Age of Lebanese Music! Indeed, in the 80’s many Lebanese artists duplicated the essence of their musical heritage from earlier decades but this time they imbued it with western inspiration and included western instruments like the electric guitar and electronic drums. It was an exciting time as the past fused with the present to showcase the future!

To me it still sounds so timeless and futuristic whilst at the same time sounding authentic, classical and (welcoming) dated too!

This mix that I did contains many styles from classical styles through to western fusion. In a lot of the tracks you’ll hear early incantations of popular American R&B, lush orchestral ballads, torch songs, bellydance songs and tracks with shades of Reggaeton and even TechnoBrega of all things!”

Superb blog/label Generation Bass presents a Valentine’s day mix of moombahton that puts some much needed bassy sounds in your celebration of love.

“Moombahluv is for that rainy windswept day when you’ve been blown out or are feeling down or just need some luv & a hug. This compilation is for lovers and also for loners, wishing for luv, who dream fantastic dreams and feel that anything is possible!”

On this final free compilation there are 2 sides:

Download: Side 1 – Moombahluv Vol. 3: LuV DrunK (zip file, Mediafire)

“LuV DrunK, cause imagine that feeling when u have butterflies in your stomach and you can’t wait to finish work so that you can be with the one u luv and u can’t bear to be without them for even one moment. You’re joined at the hip and you can see no wrong in your luved one, no matter what they say or do, which football team they support or what music they dig! That’s being LuV DrunK!”

Download: Side 2 – Moombahluv Vol. 3: LuVved Up (zip file, Mediafire)

“LuVved Up, cause you’re sitting together in a cinema, walking in the park or on a beach, holding hands at all times. The air smells fresh, the sky is clear and the world is a beautiful place. You have no financial worries, you don’t care about messing up your exams or about being late for work. But you do care about not seeing or being with the one u luv and not being able to take them out or buy them something nice. That’s being LuVved Up!”

Tracklists after the jump.

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“Having gay sex to homophobic reggae is almost as thrilling as blowing lines to anticocaine reggae” reads one of the Rizzla tweets that the Generation Bass blog showcased while debuting the new Blk.Adonis collaboration EP yesterday, whose title is a double play on Jamaica’s beleaguered People’s National Party and “Party and Play,” i.e. drug-fueled gay sex.

For those used to dance music that packs a little less of an socially inquisitive punch, Rizzla’s statements can come off as a little confusing. Is this critical of dancehall? Professing a love for it? Wedged somewhere uncomfortably between these two sentiments?

I’m more familiar with Rizzla than Blk. Adonis, but I can speak to the huge respect that I’ve seen Rizzla proclaim for the dancehall, reggae and soca genres that the “PNP EP” runs through a gauntlet of washing machine style throbbing basslines.

And while the “PNP EP” is full of twisted vocal snippets and amen breaks with sinister ha’s layered in between liquid drum & bass that on first listen might not resemble a dancehall influence, spending some time with it you can see a re-contextualized pastiche of dance music that’s both critical and embracing of the source material it draws inspiration from. At least, maybe. Maybe I’m not so sure.

To that effect, it’s a shame that Rizzla’s now defunct Wasted Youth Soundsystem blog isn’t still active, since it’s maybe a good place to look for more contextualization of the music. As well as pointing out the political hypocrisies of some queer circles exercising an outernational pursuit of sanctions against reggae artists, WYS also had tons of amazing soca edits and great articles, like this one on Gay Imperialism by Jin Haritaworn. If you’re interested in reading more about Rizzla’s relation to the politics of Jamacian music and North America’s somewhat neo-imperialist motivated persecution of it, it’s a great blog to spend some time on, as well as the comments in this thread of the Wayne and Wax blog for his take on imperialism and dancehall.

But geez, enough politics – what does this EP sound like? Pretty fantastic, actually. “PNP” sounds like a slice of moody, dark, cough syrup injected dancehall gets rubbed all over with KY Jelly and starts a wrestling match with Kingdom. “She Only Dance” pitches the phrase ‘she only dance to reggae and calypso’ to a uncomfortably high level, and envelops it in a castle of pounding kick drums, eerie vocal echos and rhythmically aggressive SOS signal bleeps.

“Go Straight Vs. So Fine” is total warehouse fare, integrating dissonant ha beats sampled from the MAW classic staple around some heavy, heavy jungle beats. Finally, the closer “Bekiki” is described fantastically by Generation Bass as being a “melancholy future-bashment” piece of work, and showcases a slower burning style of production that still fits extremely well with the vibe of the rest of the EP.

Download the full EP below, courtesy of Generation Bass (thanks folks)!




This best of 2010 latin underground mix from Dirty South Joe (of the Mad Decent/Brick Bandits crews) was just posted over on Generation Bass (one of our favorite blogs) and it comes packed with a punch with brilliant execution and a tracklist that covers everything from moombahton to 3ball, nuevo cumbia, house etc.

“This set was recorded LIVE at the infamous PYT Philly restaurant & bar in Philadelphia, PA on Dec 26th 2010 for http://radsummer.com radio, as part of the Rad Summer “Best of 2010″ series. Some atmospheric moombahton, nuevo cumbia, 3ball, house, etc…I figured “Best of Latin Underground” was a vague enough yet apt description for the sound. It was also recorded the night Teena Marie (RIP) passed away :( so “Portuguese Love” is in there as well. :) Check out the exclusive 3ball MTY Tim Dolla remixes from Sheeqo Beat & DJ Otto!! Forthcoming on Cool Records in 2011!! Big up Flufftronix for the invitation as well as collaborating with me on some exciting projects this past year. Did I mention our new label, Cool Records?!!! Big up the godfather, Toy Selectah for his nonstop pursuit of musical innovation & nurturing the amazing Mexican underground sound & scene. Big up Dave Nada for creating Moombahton and giving DJs an entirely new BPM range to explore on the dancefloor, as well as being one of the most genuine and positive people I know. Last but not least, BIG UP the homies at http://generationbass.com for being the best music blog of 2010 and a constant source of inspiration. Do those dudes ever sleep??”

Rad Summer Radio Best of 2010 Series Latin Underground (Live at PYT 12 26 10) by DirtySouthJoe

Tracklist located after the jump.

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Do not sleep on this one!

Toy Selectah is at it again and this time he worked with this amazing group of young producers from Mexico to put together this free EP. Tribalhouse or guarachero is fun, agressive percussion driven bass music ready to destroy dancefloors. The Tribal Guarachero Crew from Monterrey in Mexico are Erick Rincon, Sheeqo Beat and DJ Otto. And they are producers that you wanna remember.

3ballMTY EP – 2010 (Mediafire)

Thanks to fellow Grinder Paul Devro over at Mad Decent for putting up the original post.

You should also head over to Mad Decent and Generation Bass for two more free tracks!

BTW: Toy Selectah is playing in Malmö this friday @ Hedmanska gården. And its free! Host for the night is the DJ collective La Onda.