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Not trying to sound too much like the dance music equivalent of TMZ, but there’s been some interesting twitter beef between New York based Venus X of the New York based “euphoric, ghetto-fantasy house” GHE20 G0TH1K party and Diplo recently. All about the identity of hardstyle, perspective, history, authenticity, privilege and post-modernism, it’s a discussion about who has the rights to play what music, when, and where.

You can read the full exchange over at The Fader, which includes some insults involving Hot Topic and one point where Diplo gets called the new Columbus.

Even though most people might agree with Teki Latex’s flustered assertion that DJ Orgasmic and Panteros666 have been playing hardstyle way before either Diplo or the GHE20 G0TH1K folks, I think a bit of spirited discussion around this sort of stuff is never a bad idea.

Now that your curiousity is piqued, check out a mix that Venus X and $HAYNE put together for V Man Magazine, full of what’s been described as:

“a best-of hardstyle apocalypse mix with Nicki and RiRi cameos and mega witchcraft and cats, alongsidespecial ed YouTube slam poetry, Fairuza Balk soundbites from The Craft, Bustah Rhymes instrumentals, and the screeching and meowing of cats.”

Listen at your own risk. Also, if you feel like weighing in on the argument, leave some thoughts below.

VENUS X and $HAYNE – “The Cat and The Raven” Mix for VMAN Magazine

While it’s true that this track dropped almost a year ago, GHE20 GOTHIK collaborator Physical Therapy’s static soaked take on Alicia Keys’ melancholy anthem deserves to be revisited. Also, the video seems like it could be taken from a discarded Russian bootleg VHS tape that’s lying in a ditch outside a church somewhere in middle America, which makes it even more entrancing.

Alicia Keys – Unthinkable (PHYSICAL THERAPY REAL HEAVY VIBE) (mediafire)