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We took a little break from scouring the corners of the internet to face the desert resort town that is Palm Springs. Admittedly, we music writers prefer prowling out to dark clubs when the moon is full instead of spending two full days under the sun, but we fell in love with the friendly people, great vibes, and stunning sets. Although we loved every act that was playing, there were some really great performances from a spectacular few. Check out our favorite DJ’s from the weekend, and let us know who you enjoyed!

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If you haven’t heard, there’s a new band in town and their name is Night Drive. Made up of Texas natives Rodney Connell and Brandon Duhon, Night Drive is the type of music you would hear on a car stereo if Giorgio Moroder and Ray Bradbury were driving late at night through a buzzing metropolis.

Today the two are kicking off an Alphabet themed mix set series called “Disco Alphabet”, where each mix set only features tracks with artists names starting with that letter from the alphabet. We’re happy to be presenting the first mix in the series for the letter “A”, which features tracks by everyone from Astrolabe to Anoraak to Alex Metric. As with all of the mixes in our series, Night Drive’s “Disco Alphabet – Volume A” is available as a free download so dig in.

Here’s a tidbit about the mix from the band themselves:
It’s slightly over an hour and starts with an old italo track. It has a mix of old and new (mostly new), disco-flavored stuff at around 122 bpm, no bangers or aggro stuff.

1. Automat – Droid (Cecile edit)
2. Astrolabe – Cave (Discotexas edit)
3. Annie – Songs Remind Me of You (The Swiss Remix)
4. Atlas Genius – Back Seat (Goldroom Remix)
5. Amin Peck – Running Straight
6. Alexander Holland – City Full of Lights (Gigamesh Remix)
7. Austra – Beat and the Pulse (Still Going Remix)
8. Abba – Midnight Mouse (Mighty Mouse Not So Official Edit Type Thingy)
9. All the Lights – Chasing Colours (Moonchild Remix)
10. Anoraak – Nightdrive (haha!) with You (Tesla Boy Remix)
11. Ali Love – Smoke and Mirrors
12. Aston Shuffle – I Wanna See You (Dcup Remix)
13. Alex Metric – Scandalism
14. Aeons – Beyond the Satellites (Ted’s Like Whoa! mix)
15. Acos Coolkas – Free Flight (Sare Havlicek Mix)
16. Alan Braxe and Fred Falke – Chrystal City

The 6’4″ intimidating figure of a man that calls himself Gigamesh has just dropped another remix, this time of Grouplove‘s “Tongue Tied.” Gigamesh takes a track that’s already overflowing summertime pop and turns up the dancing dial all while still letting the original vocals and catchy choruses shimmer. “Tongue Tied” is off Grouplove’s Never Trust a Happy Song album out now on iTunes.