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Sandra Mosh hails from our hometown of Malmö and she’s already established as one of Sweden’s most popular DJs, much thanks to her shows focusing on electronic dance music on Swedish national radio but also her prolific and always excellent dj sets. Sandra has now also started producing, with several remixes already under her belt and an EP with original works coming soon.

We’re extremely pleased to present you with this exclusive mix from Sandra Mosh that contains alot of classic ghetto house tracks along with the premiere for her upcoming remix of the new single “Work” from Swedish club queen Gnucci!


Friday treat in the form of a Discobelle exclusive premiere!

Fierce Malmö based artist Gnucci is ready to drop her follow up release to last years amazing debut EP “Oh My Goodness”, the equally impressive and freely downloadable “Oh My Remixed Goodness” EP sees some of her friends and family get together for a smashing package of remixes.

The EP starts off with a club smashing, serious bass remix from Stockholm based producers/dj’s Cristian Dinamarca & Bella Boo of the title track before heading into more of a slow burner with the quirky Spoek Mathambo & Black Belt Jones take on “Damena”, the third offering on the is the Youthman produced, summer banger “Goodah” that features an A-list of extremely talented and upcoming vocalists such as Jasmine Solano, Zuzuka Poderosa, Lady Chann and Nadia Nair. The final track is singalong tune “360 Donna” in a remixed shape by Ezzo Fresh who incorporates a booming bass, handclaps and sharp synths.