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Goldroom drops the first single from his new EP, “It’s Like You Never Went Away,” and it might seem a bit familiar. “Embrace” got some heavy air play awhile back when he did a “Premix Competition” by releasing the isolated vocal stem for the public to remix and interpret without the aid of the full track. Now, the LA powerhouse comes back with a new version featuring the vocal talents of George Maple, who also co-wrote the tune.

Buy the full EP HERE.


Though I’m sure everyone is over the myriad amount of remixes floating around the blogosphere of the latest from Goldroom… I gotta tell ya: this one is worth the listen. Denver based producers, Eric David & j.harmon, take their chunky, bottom-heavy style and use it to fantastic results on this free remix. Their hypnotic usage of pads, vocal snips and blippy percussion turns the blurry-eyed original into a late night floor filler, perfect for keeping warm during the chilly nights ahead. Bonus points for the Alan Watts usage.

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 2.03.47 PM

Welcome to the dark and moody underbelly of tropical house, we’re glad you’re here. Introducing New York’s Total Fitness, who puts a very different spin on Goldroom’s latest hit single “Til Sunrise.” Goldroom’s “pre-mix” inviting producers to remix the track even before he released the original garnered over several dozen submissions, but this flip by Total Fitness is by far the most creative interpretation we’ve heard yet. Here TF cuts down the vocals in favor of letting a house-driven instrumental take the forefront for a more atmospherical track.


Amongst all the press releases, promotional mail-outs and random emails petitioning for features on acts like Creed, Florida-Georgia Line or some nameless, Atlanta rapper (true experiences on all accounts) I occasionally hit pay-dirt with a real message from an actual artist. Just yesterday, a nice fellow by the name of Dany Kole sent me an email with Soundcloud link asking for consideration, I try to humor as many of these emails as possible as I’ve spent plenty of time in Dany’s situation as an artist myself. I’m really glad I gave it the time.

Dany recently released his debut EP, ‘Pictures.’ It’s really slick, ya’ll. Three tunes with original vocals recorded by the man himself in his bedroom, somewhere in Moscow. Pretty tight if you ask me… real great vibes with Tropical flavors and polished, Nu-Disco sounds. Oh, dan in addition to it being a free download, recently dropped a nice little bootleg of Goldroom’s ‘Embrace’… also free. Dig em below and show the man some love on Facebook and Soundcloud.


The Bixel Boys are back with their own take on Goldroom’s romantic disco tune “Embrace”, the results are unexpected in the best way possible. The LA duo adds a full-bodied bass and unusual pops and clicks to create a jackin and ghetto house tune reminiscent of an early Dirtybird style. Make sure to check out the free download below.


Fantastic take on the latest Goldroom single by Torontonian, disco wizard, Cyclist. I bit outside of the usual territories travelled by Mark Penner but, this remix is sure to please, heck, it might even get cha laid!

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