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“Too Late To Cry” is the sixth relase from Ibiza/NYC based label Eyedyllic Music and they keep it in the family with this collaboration of incredibly talented artists.

The original version of “Too Late To Cry” was produced and released by the multi-talented Jamaica export, David Marston? and appeared on a compilation via Eyedyllic co-founder Kev Obrien’s former label, Stranjjur, back in 2012. Years later, long after Marston had achieved acclaim via premier labels such as Soul Clap and Wolf+Lamb and after meeting in person, it was decided that the song deserved a more special showcasing, and Eyedyllic embarked on putting this special release together.

Brooklyn house duo No Regular Play gladly accepted to collaborate on a revision of the song for their 2019 mix which we here at Discobelle can premiere for you today.

They used David’s original musical parts as their basis but crafted a massive new version with the addition of a squelchy, acidic bass line along with a freestyle trumpet riff (played by Greg Paulus) making this into an absolute monster of a track that has already earned support from Seth Troxler.

NYC label and production/dj duo Wolf + Lamb (Gadi Mizrahi and Zev Eisenberg) announces the free download of their “Versus” LP, the compilation album showcases their collaborative efforts with Pillowtalk, Soul Clap, Nick Monaco, Night Plane, Voices Of Black and Greg Paulus. The whole thing comes packed with funky and sexy organic sounding house music that shimmers in tune with strobelights and was designed to make you shake that booty.

“With all its ups and downs, its climaxes and pitfalls, epic victories and sudden u-turns, the true story of Wolf + Lamb echoes the wisdom of fellow New York wiseass Woody Allen, who once remarked that “a relationship is like a shark. It has to constantly move forward or it dies.” Together Zev the wolf and Gadi the lamb have kept the shark alive for over a decade by embracing the courage to venture into uncharted waters—forever plumbing the depths, riding the waves, and scouting new horizons. Whether assuming the roles of production duo, DJ team, or label owners, Zev and Gadi have written every page of their true story with wit, ingenuity, disarming warmth, and good old Brooklyn swagger. Strong-willed and staunchly independent, the two have resolutely steered clear of conventions and the expectations of others, always believing that the only way forward is to follow the beat of your own inner drum, no matter where it takes you. In recent years audiences the world over have resonated with this singular vision, eschewing minimal machismo fist pumps and embracing Wolf + Lamb’s glittery head-banded hug.”