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New Jersey dj/producer Daniel Fisher AKA Physical Therapy, announces the arrival of his own label, Allergy Season, with the release of free EP “Non-Drowsy”. After a string of acclaimed releases on labels such as Hippos In Tanks, Grizzly and Fifth Wall, Physical Therapy has now opened up a new home for his own varied productions, and that of like-minded friends. “Non- Drowsy” is a mixture of provides a tour through a flurry of dance music moods such as the house of “4:21” to the 909 infused “d.T.”

We’re guessing Sinden was feeling the generous spirit of christmas, seeing as he unleashes his new, a tad bit slower but still viciously clubthumping, bassfilled EP “High Demand”. The original track comes equipped with vocal offerings from Jesse Boykins III, remixes comes from Brooklyn master of r’n’b laced club jams Brenmar along with Italian electro stallion Lucky Beard (AKA Phra of the Crookers).

PS. Check out his amazing mix for the Brick Bandits “Import/Export” Mix Series:

Back at christmas 2010, Brooklyn based William Salas perhaps better known under his Brenmar moniker dj’ed at an Opening Ceremony party and now he returns to the famed NYC store with his contribution to their mix series. Those of you that know Brenmar from his work with us here at Discobelle Records, with Grizzly and also with Hum + Buzz all in one very productive year will know what this mix sounds like seeing as he hits us hard with mix that cements his love for hip hop and r’n’b but with that Brenmar twist, and of course we also get a ton of his own tracks that are all tailored made for making the club pop.

OC Mixtape Series #4: Brenmar Mix by OpeningCeremony

Tracklist after the jump.

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Just like Lil Bow Wow or Lil Romeo or maybe even some folks who don’t have the word “lil” at the beginning of their name but who show a lot of talent early in life, UK producer Melé has accrued some massive credentials while technically still being a teenager. Among the notable ones is the “Bombay” EP, three tracks of swelling, amorphous dance music on Mixpak Records. Another might be his recent tunes dropped on Sinden’s Grizzly label, not to mention all the accolades he’s been getting from Annie Mac, Sinden, Brenmar and Toddla T,

But instead of praising Melé for accomplishing so much at a young age, we’re going to praise him for never sticking to a single format for too long. And while the new Starlight EP dropping Sept. 12th on Mixpak Records doesn’t abandon the sound he’s been cultivating for the past few years, it does bring in some new elements into the tapestry – murky Detroit techno pings and Southern rap snare rolls are now mixed into proceedings.

The first track, “Starlight Express,” takes a page out of the bangin’ Jeff Mills playbook while “What’s The 411” flips Dance Mania drums on their face. The other two cuts, “Lego” and “Raider”, manage to merge contemporary rap production signifiers with otherworldly electro, creating the perfect soundtrack to the next Sci-Fi blockbuster starring Waka Flocka Flame.

Stream it below and show Lil Melé, er sorry, just Melé some support by grabbing the EP on the 12th.

Mel̩ РStarlight EP by Mixpak

“Boss Of The South” is a new track from Atlanta producer Distal and the title rings true, out on Sindens Grizzly label September 12th.

“I was in Austin, Texas when producer/DJ Dubbel Dutch played me Distal’s ‘Boss Of The South’ after our Ustream,” Sinden recalls. “On that US tour I was exposed to a lot of great music, but this was an absolute beast – it stood head and shoulders above everything I heard and it was really produced, totally original, gangster but playful, energetic with that Southern rap attitude – a rolling cult rap and bass anthem. I had to find the Atlanta-based boss of the South behind it!”