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“What’s left of my music if I have it played by Classical musicians and omit the most important element, the beats?”​

Four years ago Berlin based world renowned musician/producer Henrik Schwarz was first invited to have a selection of his house tracks played by an orchestra. Now, the T​okyo Secret Orchestra​ headed by conductor Emi Akiyama has recorded seven of his pieces but arranged them for a chamber orchestra instead of for the club.

What was most interesting to Henrik Schwarz when working on the fantastic new album “Instruments” was to experience what happens when club music is transferred to a body of classical instruments – “​I wanted to see whether this music still means anything when you take away all the synthetic sounds and the beats.”​

This meant an experiment with the scores, where he started working together with arranger Johannes Brecht ​and various ensembles, to transform the tracks and supply a rhythm in 4/4 without the aid of any computer sounds or acoustic percussion instruments. The focus instead being on the magic and the magnetic power of minimalism.