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Dutch production duo Mason burst onto the dance music scene back in 2007 and are now set to release their second album “ZOA” on August 26th, the album is an eclectic collection of genre-bending, electronic based jams that crosses between italodisco to house, electro to indiepop.

“For the last two years we’ve released lots of club oriented stuff, but kept on making all kinds of other music in the background. Making only club driven tracks 24/7 is just a bit dull!” says Iason. We had absolutely no musical boundaries making ZOA. Anything goes, as long as we’re digging it. It’s the opposite of writing DJ tool ‘fodder’, or pre-fabricated radio hits. It made the whole process so enjoyable.”

The first album single is the funky track “Gotta Have You Back” features Rouge Mary of Hercules & Love Affair and this remix from Australian house producer Beni gives us a deep, stuttering house bass, cut up vocals and a general swagger that’s bound to make it a dancefloor hit.


Nomi Ruiz is a staple New York dance music scene, she was previously a part of Hercules and Love Affair and is the creator of Jessica 6.

With the release of her ten year project “Borough Gypsy Mixtape”, she reveals her hip hop/soul roots.

River Seine

Aug 19 2011

Relish Recordings delivers their latest signing, International is a new duo from somewhere south of the Alps, Relish welcomes International. The inaugural release – “River Seine” – is an Ibiza meets Manchester piano driven number with 909 snares, simple delays and tightly enveloped chords lend that Detroit nod. Hercules & Love Affair member Kim Ann Foxman provides us with a more discofueled remix where she even adds a bit of her own vocals to give the remix that little extra something.

International – River Seine (Kim Ann Foxman remix) (ge.tt)

New Modular fam Beni has just dropped a remix of a cut from his new Chicago house influenced forthcoming album, which’ll be featuring collaborations with Sam Sparro, Mattie Safer (The Rapture), Nomi from Hercules and Love Affair, and Via Tania.

Brussels based DJ The Magician gives it a percolating remix that’s warmer than a hot bath in the middle of winter. Download it from Soundcloud below!