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It’s sunday, you’re hungover. Tom Krell aka How To Dress Well knows how it feels so here’s a hungover mix to soothe (or punish) your weary head.

“ok i woke up super hungover today and made this mix of songs :+)
i felt like singing, but i didn’t have the energy to do anything but lay in bed and sing into the macbook mic
it’s like a mix of songs that soothe and punish kinda idk really
hope you like it xoxoxoxxxxx”

Tracklist after the jump.

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Red Bull Music Academy launches a new six-part video series today named “HASHTAGS” – it’s a series chronicling the inter-relationship between the internet and music.

The video above is an extended outtake from the first episode which looks at at the renaissance of contemporary R&B and some of its key players to raise questions regarding genres in the “always-on” age. How has the Internet inspired and galvanised this new breed of artists? Have online communities and media been too quick to label genres and movements? What does the future hold for the many strains of R&B? How To Dress Well, Jeremy ‘Zodiac’ Rose, Miguel, Rochelle Jordan, BadBadNotGood and more weigh-in on the topic.


Swiss duo Round Table Knights warms us up with another one of their excellent seasonbased mixes, the soulful feeling of their Autumn mix 2013 is a smoothly executed display of their diverse taste with tracks ranging from How To Dress Well via their new collaboration single “Animal Knights” with Animal Trainer to Seu Jorge.

DOWNLOAD: Round Table Knights – Autumn Mix 2012 (direct link)

Tracklist after the jump.

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Finnish duo Renaissance Man returns with their brand new “Import/Export Mixtape”, 50 minutes of excellence in the form of tracks from Renaissance Man themselves, Joe, How To Dress Well, Matthew Herbert, Jimmy Edgar, L-Vis 1990, Mickey Pearce, Dan Bodan, Blawan, Daphni and Four Tet.

We’ve teamed up with our dudes at Gotta Dance Dirty for a very special edition of The Dirt and it has been nothing but a dream. GDD knows their electronic music and has been one of the go-to sites for the latest and greatest. They’ve also got a grassroots presence in almost every city across the country and are behind 75% of the parties up and down the West Coast. On top of that, they’ve got a pretty slick line of t-shirts and tanks. Really is there anything that they don’t do?

OK enough gushing and onto the good stuff – the dirt. GDD editor extraordinaire and myself have put together FOURTEEN certifiably fresh tracks for your listening pleasure. Number 86 is about to become your new favorite number because this week’s The Dirt is mega. Get it while it’s still hot.

Shout out to Greg Jeske for the photo!

Nancy’s Picks:

Worship – Spiral End feat. Ricco Vitali (Freak You Remix)

On The Fruit Records’ label boss Freak You has remixed Worship’s “Spiral End.” The track is set to be released next month, but Holographic People has hooked us up with a free download for a limited time.

Van She – Jamaica (Unicorn Kid Remix)

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any dreamier, Scottish producer Unicorn Kid has remixed Van She’s single “Jamaica,” putting waves of ethereal synths over the original vocals. It’s still plenty tropically infused but Unicorn Kid has enlisted the help of his drum machine to kick up the dance floor readiness of the track.

How To Dress Well – Again (Janet Jackson Cover)

When I saw “Janet Jackson cover” and “How To Dress Well” next to each other, I had to push play and I was not disappointed, not one bit. Tom Krell strips the track down, using just a piano as the backing to his staggeringly beautiful falsetto. Tom’s rendition wholly encapsulates the vulnerability meant to be conveyed by the lyrics.

Saint Lou Lou – May Be You (LAUER Remix)

Steady as she goes with Lauer’s remix of twin sister duo Saint Lou Lou’s “Maybe You”. Lauer takes the duo’s dreamy debut single and turns it into a pulsating late night club tune.

Southern Shores – New Love

“New Love” is the first taste of Southern Shores’ second EP New World, out later this year via Cascine. “New Love” is the song that’s playing in the back of your head while you’re kicking up the sand and collecting seashells off a beachy coast. This is the quintessential summer jam you’ve been waiting for with its airy flutes and balmy vocals.

Grimes – Oblivion (Sliink Remix)

I really only have one word for this Grimes remix – D.O.P.E. No seriously.

P.S. This remix slays.

Icky Blossoms – Perfect Vision (Them Jeans Remix)

Production outfit Them Jeans does a great interpretation of Omaha trio Icky Blossom’s “Perfect Vision.” It doesn’t deviate too far from the original, which is a nice electro rock pop tune with The Jesus and Mary Chain vibes.

aRod’s Picks:

Bondax – Baby I Got That (Justin Martin’s Endless Summer Remix)

Bondax are paving the way for all that is fresh + new in music right now so who better to remix them than dirtybirdy Justin Martin? It’s a hot match that lives up to the hype as Justin Martin takes the bedroom vibes of the original and moves them directly to the dance floor.

Finnebassen – Monday

Another winner by red hot Finnebassen. I love the way he draws you in with his trademark deep, haunting intros, slowly brings in the vocals and then unleashes that big, dark groove. “Monday” is a remake of the 1994 R&B jam “Everyday of the Week” by Jade and is more of a slow burner than Finnebassen’s other tracks.

Capital Cities – Nothing Compres 2 U

Capital Cities do an amazing cover of this Prince-penned classic. Covers can be tricky but Capital Cities do a wonderful job capturing the passion of the song while adding in some contemporary indie-electro flair.

Frank Ocean – Thinkin Bout You (Lonsdale Boys Club Remix)

Lonsdale Boys Club’s remix of Frank Ocean gives the original slow jammer some disco house vibes with a bassline reminiscent of GLOVES circa 2010. Top notch.

Falcon Punch – Whenever You Call Me

GDD™ amigo Avery Henderson, aka Falcon Punch’s new track “Whenever You Call Me” is a slow burning, dark tropical island masterpiece. Falcon Punch adds a feathery touch to the 1972 song “I’ll Be Around” by The Spinners and the result is five and a half minutes of pure silky smoothness.

Benedikt Hammer – Big Fella

If Tron had taken place in Scarface-era Miami then “Big Fella” by Benedikt Hammer would be the soundtrack. Killer future/retro disco vibes.

Bubblegum Sci Fi – Heartbeats for L.A.

Old GDD favorite and former Hype Machine slayer Bubblegum Sci Fi returns with a melodic bass track that features throbbing, sonic dubstep mixed in with soaring indie-electro vocals. Welcome back, Bubblegum Sci Fi.

The Dirt #86 .zip [14 Tracks] (Mediafire)

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