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If the Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team were movie directors, I’d hedge a guess that they would be David Lynch and Isabella Rossellini? Maybe some hybrid alien child of both, with a little bit of Christopher Guest mixed in for good measure? It’s a tough one.

It seems that Sound Pellegrino are taking over just about everything EXCEPT film these days, with the Sound Pellegrino Festival 2012 rapidly approaching, new collaborations with longtime album design collaborators Ill-Studio in the mix, not to mention a breathtakingly cool new magazine called L’Annuel, the pluridisciplinary companion to this year’s festival.

If you ever wanted to read Martti Kalliala & Villa Haimala (aka Renaissance Man)’s thoughts on musical typologies for 2012 (and as nerdy as t might sound, I HAVE WANTED TO READ EXACTLY THAT FOR SO LONG), make sure to pick it up.

Anyway, there’s no telling when exactly the new Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team single will be released, but it’s an understatement to say that they’ll be keeping our attention with tons of other groundbreaking stuff until then.