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Time for a new chapter in the Mixin’ It Up series:

“Hey y’all! I’m M’Pulse (aka Impakt), i’m part of the french djs and producers Chateau Lateuf crew and the Club, Bass & Wine blog….
Here’s my Mixin’ It Up, a mixture of dubstep, uk funky, tropical tunes that i’m feeling playing these days including some nice unreleased materials from L-Vis 1990, Dakunt, Venom & Damage, Tiger Flight, etc…. as i always do this mix was recorded in live condition, (you’ll surely hear it!) for an authentic freshness! Hope you’ll enjoy it!”

Download: M’pulse – Mixin’ It Up for Discobelle (Mediafire)

A bonus track from his Chateau Lateuf crew:

Chateau Lateuf – Mutha Soca (YSI)

Chateau Lateuf – Mutha Soca (zShare)


This is the new Tomb Crew and Boog-A-Loo Crew project: perfect combination of dubstep, 2-step style, rythmic beat and real instrument samples. This is the M-Pulse special vip demo!


Dubstep + 4×4 + Dancehall lyrics = dancefloor killah! These guys are doing big things!! Watch out for the EP!

TEMPA T – Next Hype (Brackles Instrumental Remix)

My favorite “Next Hype” remix!

DR WOOGIE Feat. MC CHICKABOO & MAMA – Dutty Charge (Hannah Holland Remix)

Hannah Holland and Batty Bass records are really in my favs! BATTY BASS!

MENEO – I Know Bass (Tomb Crew’s Remix Feat. Voltair Clekclekboom)

One more banger from my friends of Tomb Crew! I play it in every set!

BURAKA SOM SISTEMA – IC19 (NguzuNguzu Remix)

This track was given away on Mad Decent Blog, it was one of the remixes that didn’t been on the official release, for me it’s the best one!

MASTIKSOUL – Run For Cover

I discovered this tune on the excellent Dakunt & Stinj kuduro mixtape! And my son really loves this tune!
Buy it, use it, break it, fix it, Trash it, change it, mail – upgrade it, Charge it, point it, zoom it, press it, Snap it, work it, quick – erase it, …

HOT CITY – Sweat

Every tune of Hot City are so massive: i love this 2-step, house, ravey style

BOK BOK – OMG (Venom & Damage Remix)

Each time Venom & Damage send me a new tune, i’m like: “woah! that’s bangin’, i need to do a new mix to drop it!”

L-VIS 1990 – Run

I love this tune since the first time i heard it on Night Slugs Sub Fm Radio Show! L-Vis is big in the game!

LIL SILVA Feat. Ms Brat – Who Do You Think You Are

Lil Silva is one the first producer who make me turn into uk funky with his Funky Flex Ep

GERO – Savate (Kazey & Bulldog Remix)

Kazey & Bulldog are the french bmore top producers duo! This remix is so massive that sometimes i play it twice a gig!

DEBRUIT – So Bayle

Big Débruit production: bangin’ electro – acid – baile – coupé decalé tune!

DAKUNT – Raggasex

I discovered Dakunt trough his kuduro mixtape and his amazing edit of Amadou Et Mariam tune “Sabale”, this track is a perfect tune for the summer, watch out for his other productions!

STICKY – Jumeirah Riddim

I like the funky grime energy of this track

BOY BETTER KNOW – Too Many Man (DJ Zinc Remix)

The mighty DJ Zinc remix the BBK tune into a 4×4 grime dancefloor killer

D51 & LE FONZ – WYFW (Nader Remix)

Nader is one of the member of the Chicago Dead Beats, this young crew is already making big things in Chi’town! watch out for these guys!


One of the early production of my crew Chateau Lateuf!

JAHDAN BLAKKAMOORE Feat. 77 KLASH & SPOEK – Dem Nuh Like It (Shadetek Production)

I’m a Team Shadetek fan since a long time with their ep on Shockout, Sound Ink or Shadetel Records


I was waiting for this tune for so long time! i even played the radio one rip! haha! shame on me but this tune is so good!

Pic by Yoann G

Bringing you some funky stuff today with the latest installment of the Lower End Spasm (run by one of our favorite people, Alex Bok Bok) podcast series. This mix comes from DJ M-Pulse AKA Impakt of the French crew Chataeu Lateuf.

“Inspired by the return of broken beats in funky, the mix ranges in genre but retains a unique jagged momentum. It was recorded live and you can definitely feel that rolling urgency in the blends. Enjoy!”

M-PULSE aka Impakt – L’Esprit Funky (direct link)

PS. Don’t sleep on the ninth edition of the Night Slugs party on May 14th @ East Village in London which will see resident dj’s Bok Bok, L-Vis 1990 & Manara pop off with Egyptrixx and Terror Danjah.

Tracklist can be found after the jump.

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