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Usually when I see a track that’s been remixed and then re-edited, I shudder a bit because of the old “too many cooks spoil the soup” adage (or my own modern, less catchy incarnation: “too many re-edits ruin the spirit and ingenuity of the original production”). HOWEVER, that’s definitely not the case here, perhaps because Jazzanova’s original productions have never sucked me in. I chart it to the fact that their name sounds like a soft classics radio channel?

Regardless, messy haired Danilo Plessow, brainchild of Motor City Drum Ensemble is maybe the most trustworthy person to hand your material over to, and extra edit hands on deck Morid and Hifi3000 take care to make sure that the pacing and vibe of this track greatly surpasses the original. Geez, the violins?! The addictive but subtle percussion snapping in tune to the healthy bassline? It’s always a pleasant surprise when excessive editing manages to build something up instead of chip away at it.

Jazzanova – Look What You’re Doin To Me (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix – Morid and Hifi3000 Dub Edit) (Mediafire)

(lovingly bungled from XLR8R)