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For the latest installment in our exclusive mix series we’ve asked Swedish techhouse queen Johanna Knutsson to put together some of her favorite tracks. This deep and thumping techno mix includes tracks by Jack Master, one of Richie Hawtin’s many aliases, and a personal favorite Fulast’s “Hålla Låda E”P B-side. Stream and download the mix below.

John Heckle – Ode to Saw
Dramaz – Decas (The Analogue Cops remix)
Roger 23 – Conversation
Hydergine – Winter Solstice
Nir Shoshani – Singular(Jay Tripwire remix)
Jack Master – One Track Mind
Jorge Zamacona – Stacked Team
Patrik Sjerén – Work That Body (Rivet remix)
Fulast – Hålla Låda B-side
Lucretio – Tell Me
Jorge Zamacona – The Mood
Ana& 785 – Let It Go
Unknown – Cliff03


The reigning Swedish (albeit residing in Berlin) techhouse queen Johanna Knutsson has during a short time period gone from strength to strength with her own production work and also her involvement with the gentlemen techno warriors in Berlin label Klasse Recordings. During the last couple of months she has been working non-stop with fellow Berlin based producer Hans Berg and these efforts will be released in the form of an upcoming release on Fullbarr along with a remix of Shane Berry that’s being released February 18th on Thoughtless Music. She is also getting ready to start a new label with two friends.

Johanna has already established herself as one of the most interesting names in the current dance music scene, not to mention one of the hardest working – and we are proud to present this Discobelle exclusive promo mix that showcases her style and finesse, the mix contains a brand new track from her collaboration with Hans Berg and is packed with deep, pumping and soulful techhouse.

Johanna Knutsson is originally from Malmö but should now be considered the queen of Berlin based label Klasse Recordings, today sees her return with a follow up to last year’s stunning debut “Heavy Baby” (one of our favorite releases from the Klasse camp).

Johanna Knutsson’s second release “Support EP” features remixes from Sacha Robotti and Esther Duijn and further cements Johanna as one of the most prolific names within the European dance music scene. The deep tracks rolls splendidly on a groovy, soulful techhouse tip that also implents a driving piano and deep subbass making this a release both for home listening and for the club.

The week kicks off with a tidal wave sized flood of music – first up is KLSUNDERGROUND001, which Klasse Recordings’ first foray into the various artists compilation field – five tracks from associated friends of the label, including a genius track from recent Discobelle Records artists Viadrina.

You can stream all of KLSUNDERGROUND001 right here, but because making indisposable quality dance music for the masses apparently isn’t enough for Luca Lozano and co, they’ve assembled a gigantic EP on Soundcloud for free download, ten edits, remixes and original productions that hit the sweet spot for any fan of deeply satisfying, reverberatingly original house music.

We’ve already given some praise to Johanna Knutsson’s effortlessly smooth Sinnamon rework, but Mr. Ho’s Notorious B.I.G inspired reworking of the Isley Brothers is a welcome surprise. Elsewhere, Pol_On transforms Shakedown’s “At Night” into a pitch bended mutation of its previous incarnation, and Luca Lozano comes dangerously close to outshining everyone else on the EP with two efforts – the seamlessly bumping, rolling falsetto groove of “Full Black” and an edit of “Let Me Show You Love” that sounds like you’re right there in the recording booth with Romanthony, bottle of champagne in each hand, alternating between yelling the chorus, slurring your words and tipsily dancing around with headphones on.

Listen to them all, download them all, and don’t forget to grab the first (of many, hopefully) Klasse compilation right here.

KLS GIVEAWAYS by Klasse Recordings