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Tonight marks the 1 year anniversary for the premier tropical bass club night in Malmö (nominated by Nöjesguiden for club of the year in 2012), Be Right Bass does their thing at Babel and have steadily been growing since the start. During the past year they’ve attracted acts such as Gnucci, Mash Up International, Linkoban, Spoek Mathambo, Jubilee, Daniel Haaksman, Lilla Namo, Gato Preto etc.

Tonight they’ll be throwing down one epic party with German marauders So Shifty, fabulous Stockholm trio Panik Disco, one of the best dj’s in Malmö Rob Love along with resident dj’s Maja Goffe & Beatable.

Panik Disco are the masterminds behind Klubb Ouch! at Södra Teatern in Stockholm which shares the same style as Be Right Bass but they’ve also starting working alot with mixes, on their own productions and have some very interesting projects coming up with various exciting artists.

Their mix “We Make Tropical Bass Our Bitch” features exclusive shout outs from a whole slew of artists such as Linkoban, Catnapp, Compadre, Elliphant etc. and showcases their partystarting style:

BONUS: A free download from So Shifty, taken from their participation on the “Fresh Meat” release on T&A:

Tracklist for the mix after the jump.

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We’re in dire need of a pick me up today, as the weekend is just about to roll through, and what better way to acheive this than by blasting this blistering Miami bass mixtape done for djz from the always on point Jubilee.

Photo: Stefan Blomquist

Discobelle exclusive premiere of a track by Brazilian mc Zuzuka Poderosa who transforms baile funk into something she refers to as “carioca bass”. Her EP with the same name – “Carioca Bass” – drops today on Los Angeles label Little Owl Recordings.

The EP features two original tracks of pure unaldurated bassy fun, “Psicodelia” and “Seda” that were both produced by Bay Area producer Kush Arora and it also features no less than six smashing remixes from the likes of Rio-via-Canada producer EL Negro Mozambique, Miami’s very own Jubilee & Burt Fox, San Antonio producer Sonora, Chicago juke/footwork/juke phenomena Chrissy Murderbot, Vancouver based HxdB and also Malaysian newcomer CEE.

This frenetic and raw remix from Brooklyn/Miami based producers Jubilee and Burt Fox goes hard with that classic Miami Bass sound to really make you shake your booty.


Bassanovva is the new project from Toronto producer/dj Nautiluss AKA Grahmzilla (of Thunderheist) and NYC producer/dj Jubilee and they’re about to unleash a club demolishing EP on Sindens Grizzly label. The “Chicken Lover” EP will be released on November 29th and features this remix of the title track (an ode to our squawking feathered friends that contains the lines: “I love chicken, Who likes chicken? and “Where’s the chicken?”) by Dutch newcomer Munchi who twists and turns it into a moombahton monster.

Bassanovva – Chicken Lover (Munchi remix) (Mediafire)

BONUS: Here’s the great dj tool “Chickenapella”

Bassanovva – Chickenapella (Sendspace)


Sep 30 2010

Bassanovva is a side project from our Canadian buddy Grahmzilla AKA Nautiluss that he started up together with NYC dj Jubilee. Their tracks are based on a couple of key ingredients such as animal (or dinosaur) sounds, lots of sub bass, and not to mention the fact that they can seriously be considered dancefloor smashers. New dance music connoisseur Sinden and his Grizzly imprint picked up on the duo, meaning that we can look forward to an EP to be released on November 1st which will feature big name remixers such as Nacho Lovers, Green Money, Hackman, Munchi and Samo Sound Boy. Here’s a sampler of the three original songs from the upcoming EP which are guaranteed to entice your ear drums.

Track 1 – Terrordactyl
Track 2 – Chicken Lover ft Toni Tony Lee
Track 3 – Ovva ft. Alanna Stewart