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After a super long hiatus, Discobelle Records is back with a brand new string of releases to keep you up in 2014. Arriving this month, the “High Steppin’ EP” from Austrian house-maestro, Dizzy Womack, is a slick little 4-tracker featuring three original cuts from Womack and remix duties from Look Like.

As the follow up release to his 2013 EP, “Black Ice”, on Top Billin’, we find Dizzy in fine form with opening cut, “French Sin.” A hypnotic groover with dancing, French-spoken-word vox peppered thru-out. Contrary to its name, “High Steppin'” gets deep, down and dirty with a booty-chakra rumbling bass and pitched down vocals. “She Goes Back” is the deepest of the bunch with stuttering vox and filtered pads, the accompanying remix from Look Like version amps up the more “garage-y” elements which lends the tune a more menacing vibe.

Releasedate is today January 31st, thanks for starting you new year out right with Dizzy Womack and Discobelle Records!

Today marks the release of the mesmerizing single “Summer of Tick Bugs” by Britta Persson, Daniel
Gilbert and Mikael Jepson which is the result of the TT Testar Musik project. On June 10th Britta Persson, Daniel Gilbert and Mikael Jepson went into to the studio for a week as artist representatives of the cities Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö. The end result is the single “Summer Of Tick Bugs”.

At the same time as the recording of the track, TT invited the public to design the cover for the limited edition release of the vinyl single, during six weeks contributions were sent in from across Sweden, the jury consisting of the artists themselves picked the winning contribution from extremely talented artist Julia Szulc.

The exclusive vinyl single is released today in 100 copies, 40 of these are available via tictail.se, 20 copies each are sold at Pet Sounds in Stockholm, Bengans in Gothenburg and Folk å Rock in Malmö.
The jury also picked 1o runner ups and their covers are sold in 10 copies each via tictail.se.

The single costs 50 SEK, all the proceeds go to Black Sheep which is a music projects for kids.