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London-based starlet Justene is back with a fresh sophomore EP titled 2AM and we are so excited to have the premiere. The talented songstress made her debut to widespread acclaim with her Love Life EP and her follow-up body of work is of the stellar quality that her fans worldwide have come to expect. Four songs, immaculately-written, pushing the boundaries of the R&B genre; 2AM is a true indication of her growth and maturation as an artist. “Chemistry” has to be my personal favorite, with Justene singing her heart out through a base of lyrics that hones in on unexplainable chemistry between two star-crossed lovers. Speaking about the inspiration for the 2AM EP, Justene says, “I knew I only wanted to talk about things I could relate to personally rather than abstract things I have no experience of, as I want my listeners to have a better understanding of who I am. To do so, I had to learn how to be vulnerable, dig a little deeper, and expose myself in my songs. ‘2AM’ is definitely my journal of thoughts and feelings in melody, recording it has proved to be quite cathartic. I absolutely love this EP and I think it reflects me well”.