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Berlin based producer/dj Adam Port is one of the producers that we’ve been following since the early days of Discobelle, he is part of the premier labels within dance music – Keinemusik – but on this mix Adam strays away from his usual 125 bpm sets and instead gives us a stunning and eclectic mix of techno, dub, dancehall, hip hop, soul and even psychedelic rock that should be the soundtrack to your next day at the beach or when you’re just chilling at home.

Berlin master of techhouse – Adam Port – is just about to unleash new single “Someone To Love” on the Keinemusik label, it will drop January 27th and you will be hearing this aplenty if you’re out clubbing this spring/summer. Those of you that are familiar with Adam’s previous work won’t be disappointed and those of you hearing him for the first time will be floored by this 2 1/2 minute preview of the track, a funky rhytm that charges along with a percussion and a soul sample that makes the whole track feel hypnotical. You won’t be able to stay still while listening to this.