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NYC-based duo Brasstracks won a Grammy last year for their production work on Chance The Rapper’s single “No Problem”, today they dropped their 2nd single from brand new EP “Before We Go”.

The track “I’m Alright” features artist R.Lum.R and is one silky smooth r’n’b influenced joint.

“I’m Alright has been about a year and some change in the making – we reached out to R.LUM.R after hearing some of his music on Soundcloud (as per usual), and found out that we were mutual fans of each other (sick). We set up a session in NYC pretty quickly, the studio that we met up at didn’t have the proper equipment (classic) so we just went back to the home studio and made the bulk of it there. It all started with a very rough Ableton demo, we added and subtracted until we got to the final product of I’m Alright, which is what you’re listening to now. We hope you come out of this listen remembering your self worth – that’s our favorite way to look at the song.” – Brasstracks

“The best thing about working with Brasstracks is I’m legitimately a fan. They’re kinda gods on Soundcloud, and I def remember hearing their FourFiveSeconds remix with Lido and being stoked. But I guess I just believed they were always just another one of those amazing guys you find online and never think you’ll actually get to work with….until it happens. I remember getting to to the studio and being stoked beyond belief to work with them, and also really refreshed by how approachable and chill they are. They definitely made me feel comfortable. I was going through some things with a person I was very down for who unfortunately wasn’t that down for me, and they made me feel really welcome and the writing session became a place where I felt like I could say anything and express myself. I was in a place where I was realizing this person I was really down for only saw me as second best to someone else, and I had to face that. So, I wrote about that. I needed to realize that…I’m alright with being on my own instead of being this person’s second option. This song is me saying “I’m gonna go and find the person that holds me in a higher regard than that.”

I was so in my feelings that I think we wrote and recorded about 90% of it in about 3 hours in Ivan’s basement. I’m just pumped they decided to include me in their project.” – R.LUM.R

Brasstracks are slated for an immensely busy year. Shortly after the release of their new EP at the end of the month, they’ll be embarking on a 26-date headlining tour across North America – The Vibrant Tour – with support from Pell and Kemba. The tour kicks off in Boston on January 30th. Grab tickets for The Vibrant Tour here.