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As you would expect it from Kenton Slash Demon, “Daemon” is a grand journey of larger-than-life proportions. The vocals are supplied by Nikolaj Vonsild, bandmate from When Saints Go Machine & Jon Philpot from psychedelia-loving Brooklynites, Bear in Heaven.

Axel Boman, the man behind “Purple Drank” remixes the original into two outstanding interpretations. The “Epic remix” is a vinyl exclusive and takes the shape of an epic, never-ending universe of chopped-up vocals and synth bonanza. The other is a dreamy, atmospheric, stripped-down “Dub version” with an inconceivably massive bassline. Dancing with tears in your eyes is the order of the day.

Also, check out the projection laden video for “Daemon” after you grab the Alex Boman remix from soundcloud below, now downloadable!

B1.Daemon (Axel Boman Epic remix) vinyl exclusive by Melissa

The new single from Denmark duo Kenton Slash Demon is the third and final installment of their trilogy of releases entitled “The Schwarzschild Solution”. Named after the gravitational field outside a spherical, non-rotating mass such as a (non-rotating) star, planet, or black hole, it’s a rough formula to figuring out the gravitational field of a slowly rotating body like the Earth or Sun.

But even if theorizing about space isn’t for you, Alex Boman’s reworking of title track “Daemon” is a transcendent take of the original track which’ll only be around the vinyl release (March 28th on Tartelet Records), followed by a digital release of the original and Alex Bowman dub mix on April 14th. Stream it below!

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