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London producer Redinho returns with new single track “Square 1” which features the hypnotising vocal offerings of Grammy winning New Zealand artist Kimbra over a Timbaland-esque r&b beat. The track is taken from his new single “Mmm mmm/Square 1” which drops via Roya tomorrow Friday September 7th.

“I wrote this track with Kimbra a few years ago when we were jamming in London. Those sessions produced Sweet Relief, a track I also wrote and produced with her, and also Square One. The initial loop was the result of jamming with my Talkbox, Kimbra messing with her Voice Live skills, and me sampling the whole thing as we went a long. My brother John Calvert was also in the room and fleshed out some chords. Kimbra put down a brilliant guide vocal, then we did some back and forths online as she wrote the lyrics.” – Redinho

“We wanted to encompass that hypnotizing, relentless but sensual magnetic dance between two people who can’t break a cycle of attachment. There’s a real toughness to this song and although the subject matter is a bit heartbreaking, I love how this song captures the nuance of all those different emotions within. We wanted it to feel claustrophobic and almost uncomfortably intimate, to echo that kind of relationship where there is no space to breathe. I love how Tom captures a really metallic, sterile feeling to his sounds while exploring such lush spectrums of organic instrumentation too. To me he’s one of the most creative producers and writers because he is not scared to be very minimal but he is meticulous about the sounds we chose, to make sure each one of them tells an individual story and serves the physical feeling we want our audience to feel.” – Kimbra

New York City producer Sam Lassner, better known as Prince Fox, returns with an official remix for pop darling Kimbra. Here Prince Fox highlights Kimbra’s soulful voice with a bouncy, delicate, melody that is impossible to get out of your head. With this remix, Prince Fox proves he exist outside the definition of genres.

I’ve been a fan of Room8 for a long time so it’s nice to see Ezra Reich back in the music game with some fresh material. Hot off the presses is a remix of Kimbra’s “Miracle,” that hits hard with a fusion of electronic pop, modern dance music, and true soundtrack fundamentals. Take a listen below and don’t forget to grab the free download!