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“I believe in love and life itself. I am not trying to incite or condone violence in anyway. If you see me in a picture with a gun, it’s a satirical picture of the environment in which I grew up. All this is reflected upon us because of a system which I wish not to be a part of. I want to spread a message through my music and believe wisdom and understanding cannot be bought or sold.” – Terry Lynn

Strong music is coming out of Kingston, Jamaica. Terry Lynn speaks her mind and the words echo the hardship that Jamaica goes thru, a ruff period with rising crime and poverty. Her words are backed up with equally powerful music and together they make what might be the strongest release this year, Kingstonlogic 2.0. We may share two tracks from the album. First the title track “Kingstonlogic” a paraphrase of the Daft Punk track “Technologic” which tells us what the album and Terry Flynn is all about. Secondly we have the strong track “System”, that we posted the video of a while back and that speaks about the violence and the hidden side of the tourist paradise Jamaica.

Terry Lynn – Kingstonlogic (Sharebee)

Terry Lynn – System (Sharebee)