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The first new track from Lady Gaga’s upcoming “Applause Remix EP” (to be released October 1st) was premiered earlier today by Dazed Digital. The remix comes from Montreal outfit Purity Ring and “…has all the drama of a gothic cathedral. Gaga’s call for ovation is pitched down to a moan and up to a whimper, and splintered into innumerable pieces as the chorus is dragged down a mineshaft thick with bass. The result is a entirely new creation.”

Everybody Jump

Sep 30 2011

After releasing on Discobelle Records, Jamtech Foundation did the track “Everybody Jump” back in 2010 that caught the attention of superproducer RedOne, the man behind Lady Gagas success and arguably the most successful producer in the world at the moment. RedOne, who was introduced to Jamtech Foundation through mutual friends in the music industry, saw the potential in the duo. He quickly decided he wanted to sign them, as well as KMC, to his new imprint 2101 Records. With the deal finalized in early in 2011, the duo that started with a love for caribbean music and a wish to make people dance 15 years earlier now has the back-up that makes them impossible to ignore even for the most skeptic hater.

Here we got a taste for you with the new street mix of “Everybody Jump”.

KMC feat. Jamtech – Everybody Jump (Street Mix) (Sendspace)