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New Zealand native Ladyhawke debuts the video for “Black, White & Blue,” the first single off her highly anticipated sophomore album Anxiety. The video is shot through a retro tinged lense and in it we see Ladyhawke stepping out of her signature punk grunge look into a more glammed up ensemble. In the video, Ladyhawke plays the role of a photographer at a high-end fashion shoot.

“Black, White and Blue” is set to be released February 20th with a slew of remixes from The Big Pink, Nile Delta, and Punks Jump Up. Take a listen to the Punks Jump Up remix below and go ahead and put in your pre-order for the new album.

“I wanted to make a video for fun, using webcams and a bunch of friends. Not the most original idea, but it was a good time. This is the result! I just want to thank everyone who took time out to make a video for me. It is much appreciated! Thanks to: Jen Rea. Peaches and Cole Yaverbaum. JD Samson. Sia. Adam, Michael and Lucas Smoothfoot. Dev and Louise Hynes. Soko. Emily and Danny White. Ryan Simpson. Tom De Borst. Sarah Larnach. Kirin J Callinan. Connan Hosford. Nikky Brinkman. Frank and Mum.


Ladyhawke x”


Aug 12 2008


Singstress Ladyhawke is the alter ego of New Zealander Pip Brown who has now moved to London (via Sydney) where she continues to provide us with tracks that are burning up the blogs. Her debut album will be released by Modular Records on September 22nd and this is the latest single (release date September 15th) entitled “Dusk Till Dawn” remixed by Canyon (other remixes comes courtesy of Linus Loves and hip French outfit The Shoes).

Ladyhawke – Dusk Till Dawn (Canyons Garage Disco Mix) (direct link)

“Paris Is Burning was written while the wounds from a delirious weekend of assaults on the senses on the River Seine were still fresh, Paris Is Burning is an outrageously fun, footloose summer jam that mixes tumbling drum fills, cheeky, melodic piano and vocal interplay, and an uplifting, whimsical chorus to euphoric effect. The clip is directed by great Dane Casper Balslev (director of Presets – The Boy’s In Love), the Paris Is Burning video is a visually arresting, sublimely energetic romp around the streets featuring Pip and a white wolf”.

Go here for the Alex Gopher remix that we posted about a month ago and don’t forget to check out the single and debut album when they drop on Modular Records on August 23rd and September 13th.


Aussies Van She Tech are the “electric love children of Van She”, they’re back and they bring us yet another smashing remix (previous ones of Tiga, Feist etc. were all dancefloor slayers). This time they turn their attention to the fabolous blog-favorite, Australian/New Zealander singer-songwriter Ladyhawke and her song “Back Of The Van”. The actual single doesn’t drop until April 28th but this remix hit the blogs a few hours ago. Pretty much nothing short of brilliant, it will have us dancing all through the weekend. Australia, we salute you!

Ladyhawke – Back Of The Van (Van She Tech Turbo Fire Engine remix) (YSI)

Ladyhawke – Back Of The Van (Van She Tech Turbo Fire Engine remix) (zShare)